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February has been a dreary and long month. Draining, busy, and immensely long. It felt like forever even though it's the shortest month of the year. So busy that I've been staying home most weekends because I'm either too swamped with work, or I'm just too tired to leave the house. 

So I end up cooking alot for myself. 
But I'm still way too tense about work so I started craving for ice cream. 
Hence the below photo happened. 

This is my highlight of the monthhhhhh! 
Not sure if it's a good or bad thing that I discovered how good Ben & Jerry's is. 
The very first time I had them, it was this exact flavour too. 
And now I have a whole tub sitting in my freezer. 
You cannot imagine how happy I am that knowing I have this marvelous tub of happiness waiting to work it's magic on my frazzled and stressed up soul. Instant happiness indeed. 

Shall savour them bit by bit and only dip into it when my mood is in need of a major lift. Whee! :D

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