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The Fabulous Baker Boy

The Fabulous Baker Boy is nestled in a teeny spot of greenery opposite Liang Court, and specializes in cakes! It's a cosy little place that's great for a chill out session with friends. 

Went there one day for our "tai-tai high tea" with a few of the foodies since the rest were having exams or busy with stuff. Each of us ordered a cake of our choice and we simply pooled our "resources" to try it out.

Blueberry Yoghurt

Out of the 4 cakes we ordered to share, this is my favourite. 
I like the slightly sour yoghurt that went perfectly with the blueberry jam. 

Initially I was kinda skeptical because I saw the icing outside and I'm never one for icing. 
But I was pleasantly surprised, this proved to be pretty light and it went perfectly with the cake. 

Big Lub's Carrot Cake

This cake has the best texture. 
It's my first time trying carrot cake western style, and it felt like I was having a very nutty raisin-y granola bar. But in a good way. It wasn't too sweet and overall it's very pleasing. 

Caribbean Lemon

Lemon cakes usually puts people off because of the tangy flavour. 
But I found this rather refreshing and light. Could use a little more lemon zest though. 

The downside is that this cake wasn't placed in the fridge so it's room temperature. 
I prefer my cakes cold and I think this cake will taste better if it's cold. 

Matcha Praline

I ordered this because I was drawn to the praline factor. 
I have to say their cakes were all very fluffy and light, quite an amazing feat. 
I haven't managed to figure out how to make my cakes fluffy and light so maybe I should practice more. 
The matcha flavour wasn't particularly distinct, but the praline somehow grows on you with every bite. 

I believe it would also taste better if this cake was refrigerated. The thing with the icing is that if it's not refrigerated, it tasted a teeny bit eeky at room temperature. Time to buy a bigger fridge!

Verdict: 4/5

If you're looking for hugeeee cakes to fill up your tummy, this is THE place. 
Soft, fluffy and light cakes that are created to light up your day. It was a pity the red velvet was sold out, if not I would loveeee to give it a try. Most places don't do red velvet justice and I've heard this place is an exception. Ohwell, maybe next time. Come with a few friends and share a cuppa over some cakes, I guarantee you'll have a relaxing afternoon chilling here. 

The Foothills
70 River Valley Road

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