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Standing Sushi Bar

I have looooooong wanted to visit this place. 
The location puts me off somewhat, but then now I think the food will definitely entice me back. 

Came here with R for some happy food and boy, did I enjoy it. 
I was a little overwhelmed by their menu, but we decided to give their Specialty Rolls a try. 
A little spoilt for choice but we eventually decided on two rolls. 

Rockstar Roll

Not sure why it's called the Rockstar Roll, but I was sorely tempted by the seared salmon. 
This is a magical roll with fried mozzarella cheese stick centre, draped with lightly seared salmon, and topped with mentaiko sauce. Yes you heard me right, salmon AND mentaiko. Magic combination. 

It was flavourful, the salmon was very fresh, the mentaiko and the melted cheese blended together and fireworks just went off in my mouth. 

Puff the Magic Dragon

I think they were trying to be cute here, plus I think the end product looked like a caterpillar more like a dragon so that put me off somewhat. So I let R eat the head of the dragon instead hahaha. 

So Mr Dragon here has a tempura prawn centre, draped with slice of grilled unagi and topped with salmon roe. The overall flavour is pleasing, but not as wow as the Rockstar. The Rockstar proved to be unforgettable, and Mr Dragon somehow just pales in comparison. 

Ordered some side dishes to try and this is the Buttered Enoki. 

Hmmm...I think this is just so-so.. 
One thing about cooking food in butter is that the food has to be served piping hot. 
If not the butter just kinda tastes a little off, and the oily butter smell just wafts out. Not something a chef would like to see I think. This wasn't piping hot when it was served, so only the first bite tasted good, the rest of it was kinda a mehhh. Possibly whatever butter dishes is still best served on teppanyaki. 

Lastly, we tried their Robatayaki. 
I loveeeee robatayaki but damn, eating robatayaki in Singapore is practically daylight robbery. 
Still very much tempted to give it a try though, so we ordered their Mixed Grill which consists of 5 assorted skewers of goodness grilled over charcoal that's specially imported from Japan. 

Mushrooms were succulent, enoki wrapped in beef slices were fantastic, grilled leeks were flavourful. 
I'm running out of adjectives here but I have to say their robatayaki is pretty fantastic. 

Suffice to say, I enjoyed a meal that can only be described in two words. 
Food orgasm. 

Will I come back again?

Verdict: 4/5

8 Queen Street
Unit 01-03 Singapore Art Museum
Singapore 188535

Tel: +65 6333 1335

Operating Hours Open Daily
Lunch: 12 PM - 2:30 PM, last order 2:15 PM
Dinner: 6 PM - 10 PM

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