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Social Experiment: Perception of Self

The experiment goes like this: 
I write down a list of words that I think perfectly describe myself. 
Next I ask people to describe me in 2 words, but if they have more than 2 then okay, the more the merrier. 
I'll proceed to see if their choice of descriptors coincide with any of the words on my own list. 

The point of this experiment is to see if your perception of self is co-relevant to people's perception of you.
Or really, just out of curiosity I want to know how people perceive me to be like, as compared to how I see myself. I think it's going to get pretty interesting hehh. 

Okay so here's my list. 

1. Weird
2. Picky/Fussy
3. Fun-sized 
4. Workaholic
5. Blur
6. Introvert
7. Determined
8. Low-maintenance 
9. Cheerful
10. Stubborn

The results I got were:

I even got a Chinese description (外刚内柔,直来直往 ) that couldn't get generated into a word cloud.
Someone gave me a pretty hilarious one  (Cute and Asian!) that made me wonder if the above two qualities are mutually exclusive or something.

Some of the descriptors were something I expected but some were a pleasant surprise.
I even had a friend who got so wrapped up in this game that she proceed to give me nearly ten descriptors because she said "two isn't enough to describe you!" Hahah I have weirdly adorable friends. 

Suffice to say, only 1/10 of the descriptors I listed for myself were a hit with the 20 my friends gave me. 

Thus I conclude that how you view yourself and how people view you are completely different.
Okay maybe not completely different, but there would be a some kind of difference. However, if you found recognition in the descriptors others used on you, it could also mean that maybe they saw something in you that you couldn't see.

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