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November is a rainy gloomy mess. 
But as with all downpour, the sun will always shine after that. 

One of the most significant meal in my life that woke me up to what I wanted in life. 
Aside from that, salmon mentaiyaki is really super delicious. 
Mentai is truly a magical ingredient that makes everything super delicious. 

The rest of November passed in this manner. 
Kudos to Sylvia Plath for articulating so perfectly what it felt like. 

Things picked up a little when my food swap brownies reaped these homemade orange chocolate in return. 
Most awesome chocolate I've ever eaten, made better by the fact that it's \homemade. 

Went to participate in a multi-disciplinary immersive arts experience at KTPH one weekend. 
Both Sides, Now is a pretty interesting play that explores concepts of living, dying and everything in between. Very thought-provoking and a little bit depressing, but definitely worth your time. 

Out at sea one day, choppy waters and thunderstorm. 
Could be more enjoyable if it wasn't raining so badly, and if I wasn't so melancholic as well. 
Care package from one of my oldest friend reminding me of my birthday. 
It takes a long time to grow young. 
Three cheers to friendship, to friends who've stood by me through thick and thin all these years. 
You're truly a blessing in my life. 

November ended with a bang, from a Hong Kong tram!
I think I've finally found a postcard buddy in C. 
Next stop, Sydney! 
Waiting for that postcard! ;)

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