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Birthday in Bangkok

I love to travel and I thought for a moment that I wouldn't get to travel this year. 
But seeing as I really really really needed to get out of Singapore and have a break, I'm glad the trip happened. Since I'm STILL on a wardrobe revamping project, and yes such a project is a long term investment so the only way to not go bankrupt doing so is to buy the clothes from a very cheap place. 

Hence the Bangkok shopping trip. :)


Siam Paragon 

Mixed Beef Rice Noodles Soup with Egg

Exploring the food street in Siam Paragon and look what I found! 
A food extravaganza! 

Decided that our dinner for the first night would be this very delicious looking bowl of piping hot beef noodles. I added an egg because..it's egg! 

The soup base is so thick and fragrant you can't help but slurp it all up. 
The beef is tender, the beef balls are so Q, and the egggggg!! 
It's a ramen egg through and through! 
The egg yolk is a little oozy but overall still cooked rather soft. Even the egg white is so melt-in-your-mouth soft. Slurp it up with a spoonful of the soup base and boy, was it fulfilling. 
This feeling of contentment just settles over you when you finally finished off this bowl of amazing noodles. 

Stir-fried Kailan

We also ordered a stir-fried kailan to go together with the noodles. 
I somehow get pretty obsessed over fibre intake when I'm overseas. 

Khanom Buang

I wanted to try these last year but didn't get the chance to. 
Now, these are lovely. We bought 2 sweet 2 salty but to be honest, they can only be termed 2 sweet 2 super sweet. I love the super sweet ones (yellow colour). 

This is actually a type of Thai dessert where they have a taco-like shell topped with various sweet ingredients and coconut shavings. Yeahhhhh coconut is not really my best friend but what's travel without some risk? 
So I ate them, and survived. Phewwww. 

Here's the guide I wrote last year about what you can eat in Paragon. I actually ate everything that I tried last year AND ate more new stuff this time. Yeah I know, sometimes you just can't underestimate a small person's appetite. Even I surprise myself sometimes. 


Chatuchak/Union Mall

Bright and fresh the next morning for more adventure!

Looking like a tourist is the only way to go. 
I think I have the tourist look down pat. 
Good job!

I spent my birthday shopping in Chatuchak, the biggest outdoor weekend market in Thailand. 
Needless to say, my wardrobe revamping project went pretty well. 

Ever since P sent me a winter wonderland postcard from Germany, the postcard monster in me has been unleashed. Besides, I've found a postcard buddy in C and I thought maybe reciprocating some of my postcard love to K would..hmm..yaknow...make it easier for me to demand more Europe postcards HAHA. So I was positively elated when I saw this in Chatuchak! Complete with postal services!
Sending off two lovely postcards from Bangkok on my birthday definitely felt more than awesome. It was quite a unique experience, sitting on a low stool in a dingy shop writing a postcard. 
I wish someone will send me one from Thailand too. Mum thought I was going to write one and send to myself, because that is exactly the kind of stupid thing I used to do. 

Pork Ball Noodles

Lunch was settled at a street stall in Chatuchak.
Mum said photos look better with colour so she generously scattered all that chilli powder on my porkball rice noodle soup. It definitely looks fantastic, except it also burned my tongue. My advice? Be extremely light-handed with the spices. 

I had this dish too when I visited last year and it was so memorable. 
Didn't explore too much on food this year, so besides lunch I only had mango bought from a street vendor. 

Okay then shit got real when we decided to return from Union Mall because the protestors have decided to move their protest up to Siam and it was shockingly near to my hotel. Seeing as all the malls have went into early closure and the shortcut is now all sealed up, we trekked 1km back taking the super long route with no dinner. Awww man, birthday plans wrecked. 

It's okay, there is still the miracle kitchen known as the ROOM SERVICE! 
Okay so room service to the rescue, I was starving so badly that I could eat an elephant. 

Tom Yum Kung Fried Rice

This is my second time trying this dish, and I have to say the hotel cook really does it better. 
This rice has the fiery kick of tom yum kung, and the fragrance of the lemongrass. The flavours kinda build up in layers, so you taste something a little different with every bite. The prawns were huge and juicy, but beware the teeny tiny chilli pieces hiding within the rice. I ate one by accident and couldn't speak for ten minutes. Killer hot. Squeeze the lime all over the rice before you tuck in, and the tangy refreshing flavour balances out the spiciness of the tom yum. 

Thai Fried Chicken Wings in Fish Sauce

I have been dying to try these for ages, but my plans got thwarted when the Siam area was closed the next day for security reasons. Pretty glad the hotel serves this dish too! 

Thai chicken wings are essentially, skinny wings. Super skinny. But oh so crispy and the fish sauce marinade was just impeccable. Perfect. So flavourful.  

So there you go, room service became my impromptu  birthday dinner. 
Memorable indeed. 


Street Food/A&W

Steamed Purple Corn

Chanced upon my fave street food so I bought the mixed purple corn. 

A&W Chicken Waffle 

I'm not a fan of burgers so I opted for this waffle version instead. 
What I can say is... their chicken is really 1000x more fantastic than KFC or even Popeyes! 

So crispy and juicy yet not the least bit oily. 
The waffles is pretty good, airy and light. The sauce they drenched all over the chicken is a mystery concoction of spiciness and sweetness that really whets your appetite. 



Platinum is not a place not fantastic Thai food soooo.. don't expect too much. 
This is what I ate when I came here last year . 

Shop here, but find your great eats somewhere else. 

Rice Noodle Roll with Prawn

Yeah I may be small, but somehow I seem to be able to eat quite a bit. 
I like that this dish is very refreshing, the prawns very fresh. Pair it with the very appetitizing sour green dip and it's just yummy in your tummy. 

Omelette Rice Balls

This is so yummy! It reminds me of takoyaki except this is more like pasar malam style. 
There's egg and veggie inside and this is definitely your go-to dish if you crave comfort food. 

Quail Eggs with Fish Sauce

This one is sooooo sooooo soooooo good! 
Slurp it up like a boss. 
Cholesterol and calories be damned, this is one dish you HAVE to try. 

Vegetarian Samosas

Nothing to write home about, fairly good enough to fill the tummy. 

Thai Yen Tau Foo in Claypot 

This is just like your usual yong tau foo except it has some kind of sweet sauce inside. 
Pretty interesting but nothing wow. 

Thai Green Curry with Rice Noodles 

Okay please please please do NOT order this. 
For some obscure reason, this dish came to be stone cold. 
Can you imagine how icky it is to be eating cold curry? The green curry is actually not too bad, albeit too spicy but still good. Except that it's cold. I really really really abhor eating food that's gone cold. 
Then I realized that most Singaporeans don't order this anyway, I was just too adventurous. 
Okay, lesson learnt. Be spontaneous and adventurous but not tooooo adventurous. 


Silom Village at Don Meung Airport

This last meal before I flew off is generally a "eat all the food that I haven't tried yet" meal.
Because of the mall/street closures, I haven't had the chance to try some food yet and how can I possibly leave Thailand without eating Pad Thai and Tom Yum Kung?!

That would be utter blasphemy, so we settled our cravings 

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is always good. Always. This pad thai is not too wet, which is the way I like it. 
Big fat juicy prawns, the Thais seem to be really good at cooking prawns!

Seafood Tom Yum Kung

Judging from the milky colour of the soup, this one had plenty of coconut milk in there. 
But this is veryyy good. Tangy, spicy, it's everything you can ask for in a tom yum kung. 
Except there's something about me and coconut milk that doesn't go well together. 
Took some precautionary measures after I ate this, so I didn't really have the runs this time. 

You can refer to my guide last year on what to eat if you're in DMK. 


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