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50 Shades of Grey: Love it or Hate it?

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The hype over the books seems to be neverending since it's still topping the sales chart on Popular's Top 10 Bestsellers. It's kinda disturbing yet intriguing to know that a fan-fiction could garner so much attention. 

What's more mysterious is the fact that it's being filmed into a movie. 

Now if you're wondering who's starring in this erotica... wonder no more..

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We have this brooding handsome dude Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey.

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And wide-eyed girl Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele. 

I'm very curious about 2 things though. 

1. Is the film going to follow the book closely?
2. What will be the eventual rating of the movie, M18?

A good friend kindly loaned me the book on Kindle because "these kind of books are too embarrassing to be seen/read in public." And I agree. 

Plus if the book is any indication of how awful it is, I can't quite imagine what it'll be like as a movie.
Every two pages you get them going at each other like wild rabbits, and most of it doesn't even sound remotely possible to achieve. What's more, I'm about 20 chapters into the book and I haven't even figured out what's the storyline. The plot is just weak, weak, weak. And no, sex is not an acceptable plot. 
And judging that it's supposed to be erotica, it really doesn't seem to work out well either. 
It looks like a book that wants to be erotica but have only managed to scrape the surface of romance. 
Neither here nor there. 

I think I give up, maybe I'll probably fast forward and speed read to find out roughly how it goes. 

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