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It's October!!
Where did all that time go to?! 

But my wish of hoping that October will be more awesome than September did come true!!

October kicked off with a precious postcard from Scotland. 
Good friends are such a rare find. Despite my constant whining for a postcard and the gripes that I'm being annoying, my friend sent me one anyway. Feeling so thankful!

Tiramisu Gelato with the kareshi on one of our weekly dates. 
Can't say no to dessert. 

Had an interesting Sunday lunch with the family. Mum tried to replicate the very awesome salad we had on vacation, salad with pumpkin slices baked in extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. It was then drenched with the very awesome Italian dressing, topped with bacon bits. We paired the salad with garlic toasted bread and mushroom soup (with extra mushrooms). It was one kickass Sunday lunch.
Plenty of special delivery this month by lovely people, seaweed snacks from the kareshi certainly brightened up my days infinitely. 

There was also a special delivery of Japan goodies from R and I have to say the gashapon Doremi is soooo cute. The strawberry Tokyo Banana is amazingggggg. It has 2 layers of cream inside, custard cream and ichigo cream. I went into confectionery heaven when I bit into it and the dreamy cream flooded my mouth. 
Please allow me to revisit that amazing memory before I get to taste it again. 

The amazing goodies came accompanied with a postcard as well!
2 postcards in a month from two of my dearest friends? 
It's no wonder my October is so amazingly awesome. 

In my line of work, it's always an extra bonus to be able to run into old friends from school when we're being made to attend seminars, workshops, talks, training or in this case, marking week. 

It was sooooo great to be able to catch up with your fellow friends and we had lunch together on the last day. Food was good, but the conversation and stories were better. We were under immense pressure and it was therapeutic to be able to share our common woes and know that we are not alone in this battle. 

Ending October on a high with a fantastic guitar performance by Tommy Emmanuel and Martin Taylor at the Esplanade with a colleague turned good friend. It was sooo amazing. Nothing like good old jazz music to really unwind and chill out after a stressful and busy week. 

Here's to hoping that November will be as awesome as October as well!


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