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Ah Cai Travel Diary: Taiwan

The long-awaited sequel is here. 
Took me a super longggggg time to get this done, mostly because I kept procrastinating. 

Adventure on the HSR!
Listening in on the phonecall not to subtly. Tsk. 

Posing like a boss. 
Bag, checked. Tickets, checked. 
Let's go! 

Taking a walk in drizzly winter Taiwan  and posing for a photo together. 

Meanwhile.. back at the hotel...

Making prank calls hahahaha!

Then greedy Ah Cai decides to take a detour to 7-11 and grab a bowl of spicy oden! 

But before she starts, she pushed Cool Ge into my shopping bag so she can have the entire bowl to herself! 

On a day trip to Danshui, Ah Cai the bear-camwhore hogged the screens for close up shots. 

While Cool Ge the greedy bear decided to attack the most awesome bubble tea shop. 

Hanging out in the hotel room chilling.. 

Stealing my bowl of rice!

Someone's chilling out in the hood of my coat. Looks pretty comfortable to me huh!

Atop Cing Jing mountain, good friends taking a shot together!

You can't say you've been to Cing Jing if your didn't try their milk ice cream!
and so the greedy little things did. 

And that concludes the travel diary to Taiwan.
More adventures coming up, hopefully!

Photo edits overlays from #brenoverlays and #shii_overlays

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