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Mani/Pedi Date

To celebrate the start of Sept school holidays, I went on a mani-pedi adventure with my partner in crime. 

Yes, the DIY girl has decided to let someone else do her nails this time round. A little pampering is in order yaknow, what better way to relax than a super chill mani-pedi session?!

We bought this deal off Groupon and it cost $22, inclusive of a Classic Mani + Pedi and Sea Salt Scrub. The original price was $50 hahahaha. Snagged an awesome deal indeed. 

This is the end result! 

The brighter the colour, the better! 
It's the holidays yo! Bring on the colours! 
So I opted for a sea green with lotsa glitter to up the bling bling holiday factor. 
The end result looked fantastic, like a mermaid green. 

As for the fingernails, I opted for something a little less striking but nonetheless a cheerful colour!
It's kinda a periwinkle blue with a hint of lilac. 
A colour that reminds me of fairy tale princesses and fresh meadows dotted with flowers. 

The only snag in this wonderful session is that the polish aren't OPI or ChinaGlaze, so they chipped off pretty fast. Or maybe it also happened that the colours I chosen aren't of the above two brands. I've heard Essie is pretty good too, but the two colours I picked belongs to brands I've never seen before. 
Colour is gorgeous, but the quality left much to be desired. 

Oh well.. 
 Probably there's enough time for me to DIY one more time before the holiday ends! 

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