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A collection of random snapshots taken from my Instagram. 
This will be from the month of August.

I have come to the realization that working life is infinitely boring and I have no more time to do fun things as often as I would like to. This results in me having lesser and lesser exciting things to share on the blog. 
Which explains this idea I have to just collate some photographs from my Instagram as a sort of, monthly update! We'll start with August since it's a month of celebrations and holidays, kinda. 

Here we go~

Chilling by the Singapore River with a couple of good friends, enjoying the spectacular light show from the opposite shore. 

Long weekends have to be spent in a fruitful manner, such as ogling colourful socks. 

August also saw me digging through my stash of knick-knacks and so I found these. 
A box of paper hearts the kareshi folded when I was back in China for exchange.
One for everyday that I was away. 

August is a good month because there's long weekends and the upcoming Sept hols to look forward to. 
Also because there's a new addition to my collection! 
The limited edition 100th year countdown to Doraemon's birth Doraemon!
I know, all that's different is the ribbon but I still love it. 

It's high time they come up with a Doraemon set which features the cat dressed in a variety of costumes. The zodiac version is so long ago, come some new ideas please!

It's been a month of drawing on the kareshi's awesome phone while he delights me with his renditions of the ever lovable Doraemon. 

The kareshi has also brought me on a fun date to the Magnum Pop-Up Store to enjoy some DIY-ing and sweet treats. 

That concludes my August adventures! 
May September be as fruitful and fun as well! 

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