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Travel Taiwan: Cing Jing Farm

Another one with a typo error, ahh screw this. I didn't save the PS version so we'll just have to make do. 

The skies were very very blue and beautiful. 
So here we are on an adventure - one day tour to Cing Jing and He Huan Shan!

Mountain air was especially refreshing, and the lush greenery despite it being winter, greatly boosted our moods. Hills everywhere, but it was such a pleasure taking in the beauty surrounding us. 

Trekked pretty far inside to watch the Horse Stunts Show, but I thought that was a waste of time. 
It wasn't what I expected, and it got kinda repetitive after awhile, especially when we're sitting still in winter wear under the hot sun. Left early to explore the rest of the place and take photos before the crowd sets in. 

The dustbins are sheep-themed! Super duper adorable! 

Mini windmills with moo moo patterns. 

Not so mini once I went near to take more photos. 

While the family took a break resting their feet, I roamed the area snapping more photos. 
Haha I really can't sit still for too long unless I'm engaged in my favourite activities. 

Doesn't this resemble the Windows  wallpaper? HAHA! 

I really felt like I'm standing at the top of the world!

Saw the most shaggy sheep ever. 
It's like a mop haha! 

And there they are the baa baa white sheep! 
They've spotted my brother, who has had mehh mehh food in his palms. 
Look at the greedy little things, so intent on reaching my brother. 

After all the running and hopping around, we went for our lunch. 

You'll be able to see this place when you drive in, it's round the middle of the mountain. 


I swear this tasted kinda like KFC chicken. But I quite like the spicy tangy combination, it whets our appetite for more food! 


Everywhere in Taiwan, every meal has this. 
Classic homely dish. Very fluffy egg. 

You'll have to pardon me because from this point onwards I have no idea of the names of the dishes. 
The waiters didn't announce so we just ate them all up without asking haha! 

But I can tell you this is a mushroom dish, extremely well-flavoured and fragrant. 
There's ginger amd spring onions, the sauce permeated the fresh mushrooms so that every bite is a juicy blend of saltiness and natural sweetness. 

No need to introduce cabbage haha, this is the same as the egg. It's omnipresent in every meal. 

Some soup which I enjoyed greatly. The broth is very light and tasty. 

Ah hah this vegetable dish is very interesting. It is apparently the flower of the Enoki mushroom. 
It turned out to be very sweet and crunchy, and I love the texture and bite. 

After lunch we left Cing Jing and moved on to He Huan Shan. 

Sunny blue skies one moment, and moody grey clouds the next. 
This is the one and only blue sky moment I managed to capture whilst up there. 
Pity it didn't snow, it was freezing cold but sadly it wasn't cold enough! 

The dark clouds come and go so quick, it's difficult to guess what will the weather will be like in the next moment. This is a shot I managed to get when the wind blew some clouds away. 

This very spot in He Huan Shan marks the beginning of the Taroko National Park, which stretches all the way to Hualien. 

With that I conclude my Cing Jing - He Huan Shan adventure, and this is the second last entry of my Taiwan series. I think I'll collate all the links in the final entry to aid reading. 

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