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7 Signs of an Emotional Vampire

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Have you ever met an emotional vampire?

I have.
And I can honestly tell you, it sucks.

First, I have to define what is an emotional vampire.

We all know the definition of a vampire. 
An immortal being that feeds on the blood of humans for its survival.

So if we were to combine the term "vampire" with "emotion", we can deduce that an emotional vampire preys on your emotions, feeding from your emotions to keep themselves alive.

Still kinda vague?

Here are the telltale signs that you've met an emotional vampire.

1. They dramatize their lives.

Everything is more dramatic and exciting. Or so they make it seem.
They have the uncanny ability of turning everything, every tiny little thing into a problem and they will proceed to flood you with all the nitty gritty details of their very exciting and dramatic life. 

2. They want attention ALL the time.

Any day, anytime, anywhere.


At their beck and call.

Oh and God forbid if different time zones were factored into the equation.
We're supposed to sacrifice our sleep and give priority to THEIR over-dramatized issues.

Anything lesser than that and they deem you an incompetent and uncaring friend.

Which will then lead to number 3.

3. They compare you with other friends

An E.V will compare you with other friends who are more willing to give them their full attention.

Friends who have lesser commitments or different priorities from you.

It wouldn't occur to an E.V that those friends were studying and I was working, thus I have the responsibility to be fresh and alert the next day for work.

Though I must say, friends we might be, but there are some manners that you must abide by. Such as not calling in the middle of the night, or expecting to be able to call at such timings and have the other party engage in a lively conversation with you.

4. They are self-absorbed.

They're only interested about their own life. 
Your life means nothing to them. 

Ever had the feeling of someone just waiting for you to finish talking so they can jump right in with THEIR stories?

Yes, an E.V does that. 

And they have an auto-filter that sifts out your words if it's unrelated to their problems/stories. 

5. They fill your waking moments with 
THEIR problems.

To the extent where you end up worrying for them 24/7, even though you're not living their life.

6. They don't want to be helped

Because if their "problems" (or lack thereof) were resolved, then they would have nothing to moan about anymore! *gasps*

Oh God forbid that we should be helpful and try to offer solutions.
Offering a solution is a crime because an E.V absolutely does not want or need solutions. They would prefer to wallow in their self-created misery and problems, so they can have endless troubles to complain about. 

7. They don't treat you as a friend

That much should be obvious.
A friend doesn't ignore your needs and ramble on about their own. Non-stop.

A friend wouldn't compare you with other friends.
A friend would understand you do have a life and commitments other than them.

A friend wouldn't do any of the above to you.

So if you have met someone with the above 7 signs, I would highly suggest you drop them immediately.
This kinda friendship is really not worth it.
In other words, it's toxic.

Image Taken from The Idealist

This is dedicated to all the people out there who have met someone toxic, or is still stuck in a toxic relationship, not knowing how to move on or break free.

Image Taken from The Idealist

It is never easy, but it is not impossible .
As long as you can muster up the courage to let go of something that's hurting you, everything will be fine. Because once you let go, everything else that's more beautiful can become yours.

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