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Travel Taiwan: Tai Chung Here I Come

The HSR was so comfortable! Huge spacious seats with lotsa leg space. 

Airplane, why you no learn from HSR?!

HSR Railway Bento


This is the brother's bento. 
Looking real good. There's a drumstick, a piece of fish with lotsa egg inside, a piece of braised beancurd, a braised egg, broccoli, pickled radish and some cabbage. 

Guaranteed fullness.  


Mine was not so loaded with ingredients. 
But I loved it! 

The rice is some magic stuff, it's like pumpkin and plum were added into it when they cook. The rice is mildly pinkish purple and there were yellow bits inside. It tasted sooooo fragrant. I finished the whole thing. 

Taiwan made me fall in love with rice, all over again. 

The meat was well-marinated, very flavourful and tender. The broccoli reminded you of your daily fibre intake and the pickles added a refreshing crunch to the dish. The egg was awesome, that goes without saying. Eggs are always awesome. Eggs are the loveliest thing in this world. Can't live without egg. 

Verdict: 4/5 

Never knew railway bentos could taste so good. Awesome!


Saw a most interesting map of Tai Chung on the pavements! 

The real airport fashion is here. 


Their rice comes with a slice of pickle and some gravy. 
I've lost track of the number of times I said this. 
But I really love Taiwan's rice!!

Pig's Trotters 猪脚

My luck. Totally no meat. Pure collagen. 
The gravy and everything is really fragrant. 

I "stole" some meat from my brother's plate after that, and it was divine. 
So soft it literally melts in your mouth. The gravy is magic I think lol, no idea how come it was so fragrant. 

Bamboo Shoots 竹笋

I confess to eating alot of bamboo shoots in Taiwan. 
I think it's due to the fact that it's winter too. 

Dried Enoki Mushroom Soup 金针菇汤

This soup really warmed me up from the inside. 
It was a particularly windy and cold night, there was a slight drizzle too. 

Wore 5 layers, needed gloves AND a heat pack. I know, I'm ridiculous. 
But it was really cold. This soup helped keep my temperature up, and it was really delicious too. 

Verdict: 3/5




This was dinner on one of the days we were in Taichung. 
Unfortunately we're located in a less busy and bustling area, so food choices were kinda limited. 

This stall is manned by an uncle, and whenever we walk past, the aroma of stir-fried food is so enticing. 
So we decided to just try it out.  

Goodness gracious me, the first bite I took happened to be a small piece of garlic, and that nearly killed me. 
I ended up choking, gulping water, and feeling nauseous for the rest of the dinner. 
Yes, garlic too strong and my stomach rejected it immediately. 

They eat alot of cabbage 高丽菜 here and this is fresh. Not bad, but too oily. 

This is deep fried oysters, and it's actually pretty good. 

Weirdest dish ever. We ordered Sesame Chicken 麻油鸡 and it came in a soup? 
Plus it tasted alot like tonic wine. No, not really a very favourable dish. 

Asparagus and bamboo shoots were up to standard, very crunchy and fresh. 

The salmon is..kinda raw in certain places. 
Please don' tell me it's like sashimi, not all salmon can become sashimi okay. 
This is just simply RAW. 

The food is nothing to rave about. Shan't provide the address. But err, if you're looking to avoid it...
This place is opposite Hotel Good Ground 名帅大饭店. A really small and dingy shop manned by a single old man, he is the chef cum waiter cum table cleaner cum boss. You can recognize it by the superbly fragrant smell of stir-fried food coming from his shop, but the small doesn't match up to the taste. 
A pity indeed. 


Oh ho, Stay Real spotted at Taichung!

The mascot is pretty adorable. 


Breakfast in Taiwan is a very troublesome affair. 
To me la. 
Their breakfast are more on the oily side, and I just can't seem to stomach such oily food early in the morning. But hey, we found this shop near our hotel. Some soybean milk may help, perhaps? 

It's more of a self-serve counter, just grab a plate, take whatever you want then hand it to the lady who will either heat it up for you (if you want), or you can just pay and eat. 

This is like roti prata but they call it 煎饼, and you can add all sorts of ingredients to it. Egg, bacon, ham, vegetables. You name it, they probably have it. 

This is carrot cake! The one you get at Old Chang Kee or at the pau stalls in the coffee shops. 
Very nice and soft, the ladyboss heated it up for me. 

And then I saw someone eating egg and I want to eat egg too lol. 
This is 葱花蛋. Something very simple but I find it very fulfilling. 

They have gyozas too, and this is pretty good. The skin wasn't too thick, and the meat inside is well-marinated. Not a bad dish to kick start your morning. 

Wash everything down with a cup of sweet soybean drink. 

Verdict: 3/5 

This is a pretty nice place for breakfast. 
Simple fare but very filling. 


The signage is very obvious, the place is opposite the Taichung Park 台中公园.
When in doubt, ask. There's a police station beside the park and they'll be very glad to point you in the right direction. Taiwanese are generally very friendly, so no worries!


More posts coming up featuring night markets in Taichung, and one day tours to Cing Jing! 
Stay tuned!

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