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Travel Taiwan: Shi Fen

I was pretty excited to visit Shifen, because I want to see the amazing waterfall! 
There's something about waterfalls that rejuvenates a person, so much positive ions in the air!

There's a mini farm in there, saw some really fierce looking black goats. They attempted to climb out of their pens when they saw me. =.= Maybe I look like their cousin. 

Flowers were exceptionally vibrant there as well.. 

And tadahhhhh! 

The waterfall! 
Yes yes there are TWO rainbows!! 
Gorgeous isn't it? 

I like these barren trees in the winter. 
There's something very desolate and poetic about those bare branches. 

Near the entrance, there are some stalls selling food. 
We got kinda hungry after trekking about the place, so we ordered some oden and bee hoon to share. 

Love love love the cabbage rolls, the soup was also very sweet. 
Taiwan is really a food haven. 

Tea eggs!! Must try in Taiwan. So much more fragrant and nice. 
It's so difficult to find tea eggs in Singapore anyway, and pasar malam ones fail to make the grade. 

More railway tracks. 
This is a real working track. 
Moments after I took this photo, we were asked to vacate the track so the train can pass.

Some talented person drew this and as an example. I believe it's probably the shopkeeper. 

You write your wishes using a calligraphy brush. 
HAHAHA! All that mess and crazy wobbly words writing upright with a brush. 
We didn't have that many wishes to write so we drew on some pictures instead. 
Plenty of bears featured on the lantern, and that spastic smiley face is courtesy of my brother. 

Up, up and away!

How to get here:

There are three main towns along the PingXi line – Jingtong, PingXi, Shifen. 
Board a train to Rueifang station (40 min frm Taipei Station), and then transfer to PingXi line. 

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