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Travel Taiwan: The Amazing 7-11

One of the highlights of visiting Taiwan, is their fascinating convenience stores and the ubiquitous 7-11!!

You know how the 7-11 in Thailand sell amazing Thai style microwaveable hotdogs? 
Same theory applies here. 
The 7-11 in Taiwan sells amazing instant HOTPOT. 

Have been craving for the Spicy Hotpot ever since I first saw it, was rather fascinated with it so we made an extra effort to try it before heading to the night markets. The one on the left is the non-spicy version. The non-spicy version has alot of fancy ingredients! No fair tsk. But I already tried the non-spicy one so we die die have to taste the spicy soup. 

Spicy Hotpot 麻辣关东煮

The stick of fish cake thing is what they called Oden 黑轮. 
The white one is white radish, super soft and tasty, it absorbed all the goodness of the soup. Yum. Not very sure what are the other ingredients, basically I just picked whatever that caught my eye lol. 

I like that the soup wasn't the "eat-til-you-panting" type of spicy. It's a subtle kind of spicy that's relatively easy on your throat. Best thing is it really warms you up from within. 

Just some random chips we picked up late one night, there was a promotion lol. 
The mushroom popcorn was pretty interesting, and the double seaweed chips just plain shiok. 

 Doraemon 3D Cakes 立体蛋糕

The most adorable cakes!!!! 
It's just normal cakes la and just sales gimmicks I guess, but suckers like me will always fall for it. 

My good friend even went to the extent of saying they're just "plain ji dan gao (鸡蛋糕) shaped in doraemon, go inside mouth come out also all look the same (shit)". 


I have to agree with you there friend, but how, I am a sucker for cheap thrills like these. 

In case you think this is the end, there are more. *gasps*

Chocolate Roll 巧克力卷 & Dorayaki 铜锣烧

The chocolate rolls are quite cui hahaha! Doesn't taste like chocolate, and the rolls are so dry and hard. 

But the Dorayaki is awesomeeeeee. Better than the ones in Singapore! Soft, fluffy and chocked full of sweet red bean. These are great for long bus rides and travelling hours. 

Yeah yeah, their 7-11 is super fascinating. They have onigiri, pastas and alot of other microwaveable food that looks quite exotic lol, maybe because Singapore here sells boring stuff. The best thing about their 7-11 is they offer you free wifi, and they have tables inside for you to dine in. 

Taiwan has the best 7-11 so far! ^^

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