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What Language Do You Speak?

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This entry is inspired by a status update I saw on Facebook.
A friend posted that she dislikes sarcasm because it's neither helpful nor constructive in a conversation.
On the contrary, she finds it hurtful and unnecessary. 

I agree wholeheartedly. 
Of course, a little sarcasm in the form of playful banter between close friends is fine, because I believe a tiny dosage can sometimes bring people closer. And what's friendship without some verbal jabbing and the occasional sarcasm?

So yes, today I want to express my thoughts with regard to this topic.

What language do you speak?

Do you speak the language of kindness? Or do you speak the malicious tongue of sarcasm and gossip? 

I have an issue with  2 types of people - The Sarcaholic and The Gossip Mongers.
These are the people who speak sarcasm and gossip as their first language.

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We'll begin with the former - The Sarcaholic.
People who speak sarcasm as their first language.
Similar to the term "alcoholic", the "sarcoholic" refers to people who are addicted to the use of sarcasm.
Let's define the term "sarcasm" first, because I realize that for some people, it's quite a difficult concept to grasp.



harsh or bitter derision or irony.
a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.

As you can see from above, sarcasm does not fall into the category of "constructive comments".
I especially dislike the people who speak nothing but sarcasm, hurt people with their mindless comments and then turn around to accuse the other party for being "too tofu to take a little joke." 

I'm sorry, but your so-called "joke" is not funny at all. In fact, it was hurtful. 
But do you realize it? No, the  sarcaholic do not and will not realize it at all.  
They will go on insisting people are just too weak to take their witty comments. 
They think that their wittiness is cool. 
They hang out with friends who seemingly idolize them, because these friends love their witty comments. 


Sarcasm does not equate to witty comments. 
Witty comments are hilarious, and they can be helpful. 

On the other hand, sarcastic comments are NOT hilarious, and is most certainly not helpful. 
Somehow, the two concepts got mixed up and they thought by being sarcastic, they are being really witty and hilarious. Your sarcasm does not turn you into a charming character, on the contrary, it just shows how ugly you are as a person. 

Most importantly, being a sarcaholic will change your perception of people and the world in general.

Because when you speak sarcasm as your first language, you will always think that other people are being sarcastic too.

Likewise for the latter group who speaks gossip as their first language.

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  [gos-uhp-muhng-ger, -mong-] 
a person especially fond of or addicted to gossiping.

A gossipmonger is a person who is addicted to gossip.

They have nothing of substance to talk about, so they start every single conversation they have with gossip. 
If you use gossip as a way to bond, then your human connections will be pretty weak.
You'll only form superficial relationships.

Just like the above scenario with the sarcaholics, gossipmongers will always think that people are gossiping about them behind their back.

They will mistake concern for gossip, because that is what they do. They only show concern for people so they can get the inside scoop and turn it into gossip for their own entertainment. And that is precisely the reason why gossipmongers will think people are always gossiping behind their back.

It's a classic case of 小人之心,度君子之腹.

The scariest thing about being friends with a gossipmonger, is this.

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So think thrice before you get too close to a serial gossipmonger!
For all you know, you could be their next target.

To conclude, I really dislike the above two types of people who speak sarcasm and gossip as their first language. It's unkind and destructive.
So think before you speak, look before you leap, and reflect if your so-called friends are actually sarcaholics and gossipmongers in disguise.

Even though I speak from experience, I am not making any personal attacks on anyone. 
But hey if the shoe fits, feel free to wear it.

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