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Travel Taiwan: Eating in Dan Shui

My favourite place in Taipei. 
I love the sea, so this seaside town had an extra appeal. 
Love the amazing views, people and food! 

Let's go on a foodie experience now, I shall save the sightseeing scenery shots for another entry. 

Red Bean Pancake 红豆饼

Freshly made and hot off the stove, the outside is crispy and the inside is chocked full of big fat Azuki red beans. The pancake doesn't taste floury and thick, like those lousy ones I've tried in Singapore. This is surprisingly light and fluffy, and the red beans are sooooo sweet. They are so generous with the red beans here, just stuff it full for you only. I've tasted some where you have to bite all the way to the middle before you can spot the red beans, stingyyy!! This pancake is bursting with goodness, and the sesame serves to heightens the fragrance of the pancake. Yummy! 

Danshui Fishballs 淡水鱼丸

The must-eat when you visit Danshui is of course this!! 
Their fishballs are long, and there's some minced meat in the middle. 
The texture of the fishball borders more on the chewy, qq type. I like! 
The ingredients are very fresh, and the soup has a very light and refreshing flavour.  

Mixed Bowl  综合丸子
From the left clockwise: meat ball, mushroom ball and Danshui fishball. 
Their meat balls and mushroom balls are the tougher kind, the ones we eat here are a little more bouncy. 
Even though I say tough, it's not difficult on the teeth. On the contrary, it has bite and texture. Quite an interesting experience. 

Beancurd with Glass Noodles in Spicy Sauce 

This is our Tau Pok stuffed with glass noodles (tang hoon), then sealed with a layer of fish cake on the top. Kinda like Yong Tau Foo with a twist. The sweet spicy sauce is also very appetizing. Yum yum.. 

I know I know, you're supposed to eat this in Shilin lolol. But hey, since it's already here, why not? 
Spotted this at Fisherman's Wharf! 

Crispy Chicken 豪大鸡排

Hahaha! This is so good!! Okay I don't like the bones part, makes eating a tad more troublesome. But whaaa.. the meat so juicy and tender, the batter is not those super gao thick layer. The chicken is coated thinly in the batter and deep-fried to this alluring golden brown. The seasoning is mad awesome, wayyyy better than the one in Singapore. It tasted less like MSG, and more like real pepper and spices. 

Fried Mushrooms 椒盐香菇

We also bought the mushrooms to try, so juicy! 
We bought the Warm Yuzu Drink to wash down the fried food, and that was delicious too! Very refreshing and citrusy. 

We ate soooooo much in Danshui man, please read on.. more food photos ahead. 

This caught our eye! 

 Grilled Scallops - Salt & Pepper 

The bonito flakes greatly enhanced the flavour of the scallops.
Scallops tasted so juicyyyy!
And I sincerely hope I didn't mix up the flavours of the scallops, because the Taiwanese all name their food with similar flavours. 

 Grilled Scallops - Lemon Mustard  

This is a little sweet, a little citrusy, a little salty. 
The combo, unbeatable. 

Tadahhhhhh! Amazing stuff. 
It's just chickenm, but they managed to turn it into a roll, and came up with a bombastic name lol. 

If you spot the "Anything 随便" flavour, you must be thinking what on earth is that man. 
HAHA! I asked the boss, he says  随便 means you can't make up your mind and he'll decide for you. 
So cute right! 

Chicken Roll - Black Pepper 

This stall has the best rolls. Juicy, slightly charred, and not too oily.
In case you're wondering, the food tasted as bombastic as the name. 

Spicy Fishballs  麻辣鱼蛋

This is probably best eaten in Hong Kong, but whatever, just eat! 
This one ah..hot ahhhh.. Tickled my throat so bad I nearly had a sore throat the next day. 
But so worth it. The spring onions and all sorts of seasonings paired with the spicy fishballs is really amazingly fragrant. The fishballs are all bite-sized and very bouncy. 

Another must-eat when in Taiwan! 

 Grilled Squid 炭烤鱿鱼

Hahahahah so so good!! 
Everything tastes soooooooo fantastic, why?! 
The squid was really fresh, and I have no idea what is that sauce but it tasted divine. You just can't stop popping the pieces into your mouth. 

The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this was.. 


Then I saw a long queue, which means.. MUST TRY. hahaha! 

 Black Pork Sausage 黑猪肉香肠

The lady boss made these ladder-style cuts into the sausage, so interesting! 
This one really didn't disappoint, much better than the traditional Taiwan sausage! 
This is even more jucier and meatier, and the slightly charred grilled flavour really enhances the whole street food experience. Immensely flavourful and not too oily, I highly recommend this! 

Waaa finally, the end of this post. The photos itself took at least 2 hours to sift through and edit, and the post took another hour plus I think. @_@

There you have it. Danshui in an entry. 

Verdict: 5/5

I love Danshui!! 
If you love seaside towns, then you'll probably love this place too. 
I like the very laidback feel of this place, strolling beside the sea, stopping for an ice cream, taking photos or just plain sitting by the sea people watching. Everything is done leisurely and the vibrant vibe of this seaside town is infectious. Oh and that place is windy. Very windy. Go with a cap, and make sure it doesn't get blown off! 

How to get there: 

Danshui is at the end of the MRT Danshui (red) line. 
The journey from Taipei Main Station takes about 35 minutes and costs NT50

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