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Travel Thailand: Eating in Platinum Mall

Tadahhh~~~ hot off the literary stove!
Slowly but surely, I'm putting together entries from my Bangkok trip in December!

Okay let's go~ 

Claypot Beef Kuay Teow

I really love Thailand's version of Claypot Beef Kuey Teow, but this one is really wayyyyyyy tooooo saltyyy!
The soup base is really tasty, kuay teow so smooth, and everything else is perfect, but hey Mr Chef, the soup is TOO SALTY! You can taste the sweetness of beef in the soup but most of it has been overpowered by the overwhelming saltiness. 

I know MBK has better Claypot Beef Kuey Teow, but err.. I was way too full from Ban Khun May to be able to fully appreciate it. Next time!! (More on Ban Khun May in another entry soon!)

Classic Papaya Salad

This papaya salad is slightly less watery than the one at Asiatique, and it's also more to my taste. 
Crunchy papaya, sweet spicy and sour tickling your taste buds all at once and whetting your appetite. 

Mixed Fishball/Fishcake Bee Hoon Soup

This is like the equivalent of yong tau foo + fishball soup + fish soup in Singapore. 
They have a little of everything inside, with beehoon and very sweet clear broth. 

Stewed Pork Leg & Deep Fried Pork with Rice

I've read alot in reviews that I should try this when in Bangkok, but.. this just didn't hit the spot. 
Yes the stewed meat were very tender, but somehow there is no fragrance. You know when your mum cooks braised pork, the succulent piece of pork itself has this irresistible fragrance of soy sauce? Yeah, this one lacks the fragrance. And somehow, I just find the dish very plain and boring. 
I don't like this. 

Verdict: 3/5

Platinum Mall is an awesome place for wholesale shopping, but they really don't have fantastic food. 
Mediocre at best, and sometimes a little disappointing. 

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