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Travel Thailand: Chatuchak Weekend Market

Our very simple lunch at the weekend market!
I'm afraid I can't provide the exact location of the stall, because it's just another streetside stall inside Chatuchak.

But my advice is to go early, so you can have ample time to walk around the market. Then if you spot any stall that attracts you, JUST GO FOR IT.
Don't wait til your tummy is growling, because by then everyone is also hungry.
 The portions are small, so you can always try something else again when you want to take a break from your shopping.

Fish Ball Bee Hoon

Thailand fishballs are so good! So bouncy and meaty and fresh. The beehoon is also really tasty! 

Pork Ball Kuay Teow

I can probably eat two bowls of these by myself. 
Yes appetite level up. And okay their food portions are tiny. 
I love the light flavour of this dish, you can add chilli powder or whatever you like into your bowl. They have a condiments rack on every table. 

Thailand kuay teow is far superior to the ones we have in Singapore. They tasted great in soup, in stir-fry and are even great by themselves. There is a hint of rice fragrance in their kuay teow that is severely lacking in Singapore. 

The pork balls were very different from the pork balls I know. In fact, these tasted a teeny bit like fish cakes. But I like it alot too. The soup is very light and sweet, and the beansprouts provided a refreshing crunch. 

Lunch was too little to satisfy my stomach, so we needed dessert!
Lo and behold... 

Err yes, you didn't see wrongly. 
It's banana. 

Colourful banana!!

Colourful and FROZEN banana!

These were frozen bananas, coated in chocolate, dipped in rainbow rice, then stuck in some machine again to freeze the chocolate in 3 seconds.

I nearly died eating this, my sensitive teeth were screaming with every bite I attempted to take.
But it was pretty cool. Quite a novelty actually.

I prefer smaller bananas. If the banana were smaller, I think it would have been better. 

Verdict: 5/5

Chatuchak is an awesome place for shopping, but don't overlook the food offered here.
Simple fare, but sometimes it the simplest things that catches your heart. 

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