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I heard great reviews about this drama and I HAVE to watch it. 

Starring Yamashita Tomohisa and Horikita Maki, this drama tells the story of Kurosaki (Tomohisa) who is a swindler who targets other swindlers, and of Tsurara (Horikita) who is a legal student who aspires to be a prosecuter. You can see the contradicting parts in this pairing already, can't you? 

The above are two of my favourite scenes in this movie. 
The humane side of Kurosaki and the playful nature of Tsurara. 

Yamashita Tomohisa in his various dramas. 

So far, I've watched Lunch Queen and Code Blue and that was when I finally noticed Yamapi as a promising young Japanese actor. His acting is not superb, and you can't compare him to Kimura Takuya, but I think Yamapi has talent. There's still space for improvement. 

The bimbotic thing is every time I see him on screen, I feel tempted to squeal like an idiot and just go 

Irresistable, except Matsuda Shota still beats Yamapi hands down as the better swindler in Liar Game
But I don't think that's his fault, Liar Game was simply a much better script with more complex swindling schemes. Nevertheless, I enjoyed both dramas tremendously. 

Verdict: 4/5

I love the plot, the characters, the relationships and..I like Yamapi.
By the way, don't waste your time on the Kurosagi Movie, that one is a total flop.
Just watch the drama, it's thrilling and exciting enough. 

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