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Bomba Paella Bar

Alight at Somerset MRT, exit to the skateboarding area at Scape, and proceed to walk towards Kiliney Road. Be prepared to walk 107meters, which is approximately a 10 minute walk that feels like eternity. 
You will pass by at least 6 high class condominiums before you reach the place. 

Yes I know it's quite out of the way, but I guess it's a good experience. 

Wed Special: Squid + Beer

We ordered the Wednesday special, beer with squid. 

I like the squid! Doused with chopped tomato that's been cooked til soft, and squid still retains the bounciness and freshness. Yumm. 


One of the side dishes we ordered, is the deep fried potato. 
This is pretty good, the tomato sauce is spicy, and the generous sprinkling of garlic really turns this seemingly normal dish into something more special. 

We also ordered their GALINA,CARACOLES & ESPARRAGO PAELLA, which is a rustic blend of chicken, snails and asparagus cooked in a chicken stock. The other paella dish we tried is LANGOUSTINE SQUID & PRAWNS PAELLA. This is a seafood paella, cooked with tomatoes and seafood stock. I really like this seafood paella. The seafood is fresh, and paella rice has absorbed all the good stuff and every mouthful is flavourful. The chefs only use seafood stock and absolutely no salt in this dish, so the flavour all comes from the seafood. No wonder their rice tastes so good! 

Raisin Pedro X Ice Cream

For desserts, we tried out the rum and ice cream. I must say this really tastes quite divine. 
The hint of alcohol and the vanilla ice cream blended very well together to create this really unique flavour. 

Verdict: 4/5

The food is really fresh and good, and I really love the ambience. This place is perfect for a gathering with a small group of close friends, just chit chat and good food. 

However, I would like it better if I weren't so broke after this meal. 
I guess, good food comes with a price tag huh.

Bomba Paella Bar
38 Martin Road

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