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Wild Honey: Scotts Square

At Scott Square for the very first time, and it felt like stepping into a mini version of Paragon. 
High-class. So high-class. 

Visited Wild Honey again and I must say I really prefer this branch. We had really good service here, unlike the one at Mandarin Gallery. The shop space at Scott Square is much more spacious and I love that they have an al freso dining area., makes you feel as if you're dining at a cafe overseas. 


Having tried the Norwegian breakfast and now the European version, I think I prefer the Norwegian version. 

Personally I'm not a very ham person, and this just feels very uncooked to me. Try as I might, I just couldn't slice them apart and I only managed one mouthful. A dining etiquette 101 is probably what I need geez. 
 The sauteed portobello mushrooms were very juicy and succulent so that's a bonus point, because I love mushrooms! 

The eggs benny tasted..well..like eggs benny. The hollandaise sauce was really thick and creamy, and the egg was well done. The yolk was slightly runny and the egg white was firm. I like the egg, it's cooked just the way I prefer it to be done. 

As usual, the brioche at Wild Honey is fresh and crisply toasted. I like the brioche here because it's not too soft. In general, I don't like bread. But if you toast it, I'll eat it because well.. toasted bread are more crispy and not too soft. The brioche at Kith Cafe is way too soft, and well.. I'm just a really finicky eater who prefers crispy toasts. 


Eggs, tomatoes and chorizo sausages. 
This is salty, spicy and very very fulfilling. 
The side salad is very refreshing, tasted vaguely of balsamic vinegar yumm..

But I still think I'm more suited to the vegetarian breakfasts at Wild Honey, because everything seems to be very..salty and heavy on the palate. Or should I say, people who are more accustomed to strong flavours would probably love these two dishes. Or maybe next time I should try their waffles, they look really good on the website. 

Verdict: 3/5

The food is good, and I really like the service at Scott Square. Just boycott the branch at Mandarin Gallery because, if you're going to pay for service change, make sure you really got your service. 

6 Scotts Road
Level 3 Scotts Square
Tel: 6636 1816

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