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Protect Your Tomorrow, Today

Yes, cervical cancer is the 6th most common cancer for women among Singaporean women. 
Even though it usually affects women above 45 years old, there are cases whereby young women of only 25 are diagonsed too. Even if you're young now, there will be the day when you grow old. 

Instead of waiting for the day where your world comes crumbling down, why not do something now to prevent your world from becoming topsy turvy over an illness? 
Instead of waiting til it's too late, waiting to start treatment, why not start preventing now?

Why not protect your tomorrow, today? 

Part of my 2012 resolutions, is to get myself fully vaccinated. 
I did my research, and decided that my best bet would be the polyclinics because you can pay by Medisave. 
I got all my information from the POCC website, which provides extensive information for your ever inquisitive mind. 

As you can see above from my certificate of vaccination, there are 3 vaccinations that you have to take in order to complete the set. 

The first two jabs must be taken 3 months apart from each other, and the last one is 6 months apart from the 2nd vaccination. It took me almost a year before I finally completed it last month. 

A little warning, this vaccination might hurt a little bit more than your usual jabs. 
The aftereffects that affected me were pretty heavy too, including fatigue, intense muscle aches, headaches. 
But all these will pass after the first day, only the sore muscles remains. It'll go away after a week. 

But I think, no matter what, a little pain now is a small price to pay because I have safeguarded my future. 
Or at least, taken preventive measures to make sure that I have minimized the chances of suffering in future. 

If I can do it, you can too. 

Visit Power Over Cervical Cancer to find out more today. 


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