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Handmade with Love: Xmas Cards

This year, I made an impromptu decision to create handmade cards for all my loved ones. 
Yes, in the midst of exams and end-of-semester assignments, I decide to embark on this mini project. 

So for people who are interested in handmade cards, but have no idea how to begin, maybe this will help you out in the ideas department. 

What you need: 

Pen knife
Glue stick
Double-sided tape
3D tape
Craft punchers

Colour papers
Materials from online free scrapbooking kits
Decorative stickers
Chipboard alphabet stickers
Pom-pom ribbons

The above is just a guideline on the type of materials you need, you can adjust it according to your needs.
3D tape lends body to your cards, hence the name 3D tape. Okay actually I have no idea what it's called, found it in my drawer and it works so..I just used it. But I think you can get them at scrapbooking shops. 

The only things I bought were the chipboard stickers and the papers. The rest of the stuff were from my art box and online free kits, I picked those that fit into my theme and printed them out. 

Easy peasy, once you've gotten hold of the materials, it's time to let loose with your creativity and have fun!

You can get the chipboard stickers in Popular or in any craft stores. 
I picked glittery gold because it fits the Christmassy theme pretty well. 

Pull out all stops, use all sorts of craft tools you have in your art box. 
You can see in the top left picture that I have used the angel craft punch, fits in pretty nicely with the theme. 

I call this the Open-door concept because you open up the cards like a door. 
Coincidentally, I managed to find cute labels online so I printed them out to use. 

These two cards above are secured by a string and a tack. 
Likewise, I scoured scrapbooking websites online that provided free holiday kits that you can download and print. Personally I like the Christmas tree alot, so I purchased some decorative pom-pom ribbons to decorate the tree. The stickers and some of the other material were given to me by my classmate who attended a scrapbooking class. She had some leftover so she gave them to use. In addition, she let me see the cards she made at the scrapbooking class so I can get some ideas on kickstarting my creativity. :)

I kept those nettings and crepe paper from more than 10 years ago, and its only until now I've found a good use for them. Amazingly there were in perfect condition, so they came in very useful. Things like ribbons, nettings, crepe paper, pom-pom ribbons give texture to your cards. 

Use some imagination and you're find that you can make funky looking cards too! 
Merry Christmas to you too! 

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