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Forever 22: Updates

Mum bought a Mango Mousse Cake from Crystal Jade. 
I really like the unique shape and flawless mango jelly layer with minimal design. 

The inside is even more beautiful!

Check out the layers of chocolate cake and thick creamy mango mousse. 
Drop dead delicious. 
The mango mousse isn't too sweet and the chocolate cake balanced out the mousse nicely so that it won't get too jelat. 

I put up a recruitment drive and these are the people who answered the ad. 
My pleas for company and dinner has been satisfied. 

The menu is a bit ahem.. I think it's my fault. 

Apparently this is a pre-requisite pose that I have to do with my presents. 

Yay I like this shot alot, except I look like I have no body. 

Thanks for forcing us all to do this. 
R's face is the most epic though M's look kinda like..Niu Mo Wang in Journeys to the West. 

So pretty :)

Thanks for the really really awesome presents! I can have 20 Doraemons on my finger and toe nails now. 
Epic. I shall wear my Doraemon t-shirt to match too! 

Look out for the food reviews coming up soon!

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