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Top 5 Worst MRT Commuters

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What are the worst types of commuters you meet on the train every day? 
Let's share share! 

*Disclaimer: For literary purposes, all titles were titled Mr, but it can refer to both genders.* 

1) Mr-I-Have-Never-Heard-of-Earpieces

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Number one on my pet peeve is these kind of inconsiderate people. 
Super super hate these assholes who don't have the decency to watch their bloody shows or listen to their weird music or play noisy games on the train WITH EARPIECES.

Best thing is they do it on the morning commuting ride. Those 7am kinds where I am in optimal bitch mode due to a serious lack of sleep. I cannot tell you what I will do in these dangerous moods, especially to inconsiderate jerks like the above mentioned. Can you imagine while you're catching up on your sleep, and the sound of pinballs shooting, or noisy drama scenes rudely intrudes?

They really don't think there's something wrong with doing that. Why are there such oblivious and obtuse people around?! It amazes me that they can continue watching at full volume without a care in the world. You know what is C-O-N-S-I-D-E-R-A-T-I-O-N or not??

I mean, if it's aunties or uncles then forget they've probably never really heard of a ear piece. You can only pray you have brought along YOUR earpiece to block out the noise, or hope they alight at the next stop.

 But the young!?!
 Seriously, please go for a Public Transport Etiquette Course.

2) Mr-I-Don't-Know-How-To-Move-In

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This is the average commuter with glue on his feet.
The idea of moving into the middle of the cabin has never occurred to them at all.
They remain blocked at the entrance for fear of some emergency so they can be the first person to jump out of the train. Despite there being a huge empty space beside them, and the crazy crowd pushing to get in, they are strangely oblivious to it.

I imagine this to be their internal OS:

We stand at the door and that's it. 
Case closed. 
Whatever happens next is none of my business hoho. 


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Cut queue.
Queue cutter.
Act blur cut your queue.

From now on, I'm not going to be nice and let these buay paiseh people just cut my queues.
You want to be the first in queue so you can up your stakes of getting a seat?


We paid the same fare, so if you want a seat, be prepared to put in the same effort.
I waited for the current train and the crowd to disperse before I queued up.
That way I can guarantee myself a seat on the super long ride.
So I will not stand for it if you just rush over and attempt to knock me over and cut my queue.

Next time somebody does this, I'm going to tell them " Excuse me, please queue up."
As long as I'm polite, these buay paiseh people can't fault me because they are the ones at fault!

4) Mr-Snatch-For-A-Seat-Or-Die!!

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This picture is so gory, there are really such cases of violence overseas over such a trivial matter!! 

They will push, shove, snarl all in the name of getting a seat during peak hours.
Most of the time, they are those very horrible, super kiasu and nasty aunties.

This auntie onced shoved me with her BOOBS what in the sorcery is that man.
It is non-peak period so I have no idea why she is so gan chiong. Best thing is she cut my queue too. She death glared me when I got a seat on the train. EXCUSE ME? You also had a seat so why the displeasure?! She continued to death glare me all the way until she alighted, which is only one stop away from my stop. Outright hostility and I didn't even do anything wrong!

Nasty people everywhere. Zero manners at all.

5) Mr-YELLING-On-Phone-Until-I-Alight

Their reception must have been really bad, because I have seen/heard people doing this on the train. Either that or they're hard of hearing. I've even heard /seen them SCOLD the other party on the phone. Scary.

The entire CARRIAGE of commuters were looking at the auntie but she is oblivious. So by the time I alight, I already know that her grandson has not been behaving and a certain lady by the name Shu Hua was supposed to do something but didn't in the end. It sounded very much like the plot out of a certain long-winded popular Taiwanese drama but who knows, maybe it's really her life story.

They don't realize they're yelling, that's the most amusing thing.
I really wonder how is it possible, because I've seen young people do the same too.
*rolls eyes*


Photo Credit: HERE

This sums up the bulk of nasty commuters I meet on the train everyday, major pet peeves.

I tell myself everyday that no matter what happens and especially in the face of rude and inconsiderate commuters, I must remain calm and gracious.

Through my graciousness, I will make you look  horrible in comparision. HAH!

What are your major pet peeves when it comes to taking the train?
Let's share!

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