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Do you Kiss and Tell?

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Kiss and tell:

To let everyone u know or talk to know what you are into sexually and who you doing it with. Having a big ass mouth about your personal liasons.

That is the definition as given by the urban dictionary, and this is what I want to talk about today.

The first question that popped into my mind is


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Okay if you've been visiting some ahem places and you wanna show off to your buddies for an ego boost or something, maybeeeee I can understand it. Not that it's very respectful but at least it's a one-off thing right? 

But what I don't understand is why some guys just blab on their long-term girlfriends. 
You seriously want your buddies to know the intimate details of your time together??? 
I don't see how that makes sense really, because I've always thought that it's basic respect to keep information like this confidential. Sometimes, the things you tell your buddies in confidence gets leaked by accident. The reputation of the girl is gonna go downhill from there. 

Which leads to the second question. 


Some guys I know will tell me,  abstinence or self-control is "outdated". Even for the girls. They like it, they do it. It's common. There is this unspoken knowledge that even if they do not broadcast it to the whole world, they don't exactly boast a clean slate too.

So if that's the case, what's there to fear about "reputation"? 

Instead of saying that reputation is a thing of the past, I think a more aptly named term would be


Because nowadays..


I think I am right about the “misplaced sense of shame".

Young people nowadays simply don't give two flying hoots about reputation.
They advertise your privates to their friends over high tea and laugh at you. What does that say about your character as a person? You may not like the guy alot, but at least give him his due respect and not blab afterwards. I find it extremely rude, disrespectful and immature. Vice versa with the guys who blab too. Guys get an ego boost out of it but girls don't get anything out of it. On the contrary it just makes you look easy and cheap.

Cue the Malaysian blog case.

This is the Class A type of "Straight-Up Kiss &Tell Girls"

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God forbid that you are doing it and stills finds pleasure in snapping your privates, adding some colour filter and had the cheek to call that "art". Girl, you have never seen real art. How about a clue, you can find them in museums. Adding a filter to your lousy grainy explicit photo does NOT make it art. It only meant you had enough money to get a smartphone/computer, and not enough of shame of realize that not everyone appreciates your so-called art.

That is not the worst.

What I abhor most  is that people like her who wants to adopt this type of "culture" AND brainwash the others to accept it because "it's very common". Especially if this type of "culture is not generally accepted in the country and society. You wanna do it, fine. That's your own problem.
Please remember that if you're unwilling to conform to society, then society can spurn you as well.

The Class B type of "Kiss &Tell Girls" are what we call the "Good Girls".

Or you can say "So-called Good Girls".

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These girls still somewhat concerned about what people will say about them, so they TRY to convince their more impressionable friends that this type of culture is generally very common. They try to make themselves look cool. But they don't dare to let their parents or family or even friends they know who wouldn't approve find out, because that is when they get the reality check that in Singapore this is not something to be proud of. So they continue to delude themselves. They are the ones to share their intimate moments with other people because these people share the same sort of "culture". Delusions can only last that long, seriously.

You know why I abhor people like that?

Because society is not forgiving. Especially to girls.

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Once news of your intimacy gets out, no matter how chill you are about it, it still affects people's opinions of you. Kudos to you if you don't give a fly about other people's opinions, but some people have to maintain a very professional and clean image no matter where they are.

 Once news of your intimacy gets out, you are automatically labelled as promiscious. One might think that's ridiculous, but please think, the general consensus is that if you can be so laissez faire about your own body, then you can basically do it with anybody that your hormones agree with. I regret to say youngsters, even girls nowadays are more open to exploration without a care for repercussions at all. 

I don't know what kind of a world these people think they are living in. 
If your country has this culture of not advocating self-control and everyone shares their sexual liasons with their friends...Well..then I have nothing to say. 

But what I do want to say is:

Don't try to psycho the others to accept this just cuz you're currently indulging in the "culture" yet feels a teeny bit guilty hence the need to justify your actions.

 That would classify as unnecessary brainwashing.
Just go away and drown in your hedonistic ways. 

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