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Social Experiment #01

"Nobody wants to see girls in jeans. 
There's nothing to see anyway."

A good friend told me this. 

I have a penchant for jeans. Long jeans. 
Needless to say, I didn't believe him. 
Jeans are so comfy and nice, why wouldn't it turn heads?!
So I've decided to embark on my own little mini social experiment. 

I'm going to log a series of my outfits everyday and note down the type of reaction it garnered from random guys on the streets and in school. 


Only had an hour of lessons and a whole day to camp in school for projects. 
No mood to dress up so I just wore the standard Singaporean wear - T-shirt, shorts and slippers. 

Despite the fact that I wore no make-up, this outfit actually garnered a fair bit of attention. 


I'm looking so utterly cui and style-less. 
Maybe it's the shorts. But it's kinda like camping shorts with all the functional pockets, so I can't really see the whole appeal of it. 


A cropped top and and high waist skirt. 
This garnered quite a bit of attention. 
Maybe it's because of the skirt, granted it's not veryyyy short either. I just liked that it's very soft cotton and had two functional pockets! 

Okay personally I like this combination alot. 
First time trying out this combination and surprisingly it worked. 


I am not invisible in this, but I am nearly invisible in this. 
Had a presentation on that day and was in no mood for a dress. 


This one, garnered almost as much attention as DAY 2's outfit. 
Must be the short dress. 


Shorts are almost on par with skirts, attention-wise. 
But it seems skirts and dresses win out more. Just by a bit. 


This is micro-teaching outfit. Standard work clothes. 
Very prim and proper and demure. 

In fact, this garnered..practically zero attention. 
What does this shows, not all skirts and dresses are equally attractive. 
Especially not work clothes. Or maybe I just needed to upgrade my work clothes wardrobe. I have also just realized my belt has reached it's maximum life span, elastic almost gone. Geez. 


I doubt anyone would recognize the top from the above photos. 
Fuctions both way hehh I love that dress. 
This one, a teeny bit of attention. 
Maybe cuz the pants had a good cut. I love my work pants, comfy! 


A different combo, long sleeved top and the same pair of denim jean shorts. 
This combo ...not too bad actually. 

So what's the verdict? 
My irritating friend was right. 
If you feel more than a little attention-starved, wear something eeny weeny. 
Someone will look. 
Just that no quality guaranteed only. 

So with that concludes my mini experiment. 
I'm definitely back to wearing my comfy clothes. 
Long lectures means long jeans and a thick jacket so I can snuggle in for a long nap.
 Okay I'm kidding about the nap. 


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