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Galleria Italiana Spring/Summer 2013

Today I'll be bringing you lots and lots of photos for the upcoming collection in Galleria Italiana! 
We'll be looking at posh Italian brands such as GABS, Braccialini, Gheradini, Tintamar and Araldi. 
I know, I can't pronounce half of these brand names but don't feel deterred by that! 
I promise the bags shown below will send you into this frenzied state of euphoria. 
Let's go! 


Galleria Italiana is a multi-brand luxury fashion boutique featuring high quality Italian leather goods and carries brands such as GABS, Piquadro, Braccialini and Gherardini.

Galleria Italiana is the brainchild of two friends, one with business contacts in Italy and the other armed with extensive experience in retailing luggage and personal leather goods across Southeast Asia. Conceptualized to be a multi-label retail gallery showcasing established Italian products in Southeast Asia markets, Galleria Italiana is targeted at discerning consumers who value good quality leather, exquisite craftsmanship, as well as modern, yet classic styles.

Galleria Italiana’s boutique has been designed by Kevin Yeo, a local but London-based award-winning designer, and features a showroom-within-a-store concept which emphasizes clean lines, effortless style and chic comfort.



GABS is a Florentine leather goods company that produces high quality bags and accessories which are made in Italy. The brand is all about colour, transformation and versatility, allowing the bags to easily modify shape, thereby creating up to give different shapes from one bag. Each GABS bag is meant as a passe-partout, an all-purpose bag to eliminate monotony and conformity. The brand was formed in 1999 by Franco Gabbrielli, who was able to dream and visualize beyond the ordinary bag, so he invented a series of transforming objet d'art that can both change dimensions and be functional as bags. The brand strives to distinguish itself by the use of colours and materials. 

GABS G3 aka Transformer Bag

This is the GABS G3 Bag aka Transformer Bag. 

Yes sireee, you are looking at just ONE bag. 

Perks of this bag:
  • Change the shape of the bag 3 different ways, as shown in the collage
  • Comes with a pliable leather bag bottom to give your bag more shape
  • Comes with a free recycling bag, if you decide to head to NTUC on a whim 
  • The interior is made of jeans cloth material, so it's very durable! 
  • Mini notepad keychain. 2-in-1 Stationery and Bag Accessory
  • Customizable bag designs for you to pin on your bag, switch em' up! 
  • Comes with a long strap for you to change it from a tote to a sling bag!  

Check out my bikini babe!! What a sexy pin-up girl. 
I have a weak spot for these 60's pin-up girls designs. So gorgeous!
Super love this design, it's so fun and cheeky and the best part is the yellow colour cheers you up immediately. I mean, look at this babe smiling at you, how can anyone not smile?!

Another of my favourite design, this car is just too adorable!! 
Long eyelashes and a pouty lip. Muacks! 

There are smaller bags from GABS too, there's a really cute clutch below. 

Because we're cute this way. 
My hair can even do a direct extension of the girl's hair LOL.
I think this hair colour suits me too, what do you think. 
Oh I forgot you can't even see my face, let alone see how my skin tone matches up with the hair colour hahahaa! 


Other designs available, if you don't like the eye-catching graphics designs above. 
You can have the hot pink foamy material one, or the kueh tupat, or different shades of midori, or the roll-up yellow bag! So much variety, confirm you'll be spoilt for choices! 


Braccialini was founded as a leather goods company in 1954 by Carla Braccialini and her husband, Roberto Braccialini. Carla is the creative spirit and extraordinary  visionary behind the Braccialini brand. She wanted her purses to have authentic flair, pure fancy and bright colours so that they were not ordinary purses or bags, but a sort of magical means to break free and travel into a world of dreams, where surprise was the passport. Her bags had to be a storyteller that stirred things up with unexpected tales. Carla intended to invent an eternal and universal style that blended passion and charisma, personality and liberty; remaining elegant, feminine and tasteful. 

This just screams cuteeeeee!!!

Washing machine, riverside, dogs, baa baa white sheep!! 
Actually still have alot of other pretty bags but I cannot possibly take pictures with all of them, because posing also very tiring one you know. So I picked the cutest and more eye-catching ones. 

The details are all hand-sewn, leather strips all hand-cut. Crazy workmanship and the attention to detail makes you dizzy just looking at it. These two bags are also quite light! I like the shape too, very user-friendly. 

The house and safari car are super duper limited edition bags. Handcrafted and mad intricate. 

I like this design too! In fact, if I had to choose a bag to USE, I would pick this. 
The bag wasn't crazily heavy like the super cute ones featured above, and I like the understated design. Heavy bags are a no-no in my daily bags dictionary. The understated design attracts attention but it wasn't loud and showy. The designs were all stitched on, so when you touch it, you can feel a slight 3D effect. 


The Gherardini brand boasts an impressive history; the very expression of renowned Florentine craftsmanship and artisan skill. Gherardini family members ran the company until 1990, giving it a unique fingerprint in style and workmanship. They implemented the most revered traditions creating unique products. Tradition, craftsmanship and the Made in Italy label are still the distinguishing features of Gherardini. 

Nothing can make me smile so radiantly than a SUPER DUPER LIGHT BAG
This is some crazy piece of technology, the bag material is so damn light that it weighs practically next to nothing. This bag is currently flying off the shelves in Japan apparently, the Japanese love this bag. 

This is the brand with a longer brand history than Gucci. 
Made me go "wow" when I heard that. 
IMHO, the designs are nicer than Gucci. More clean simple lines and timeless designs. 

Tintamar is established in 2003 by its current CEO, Mrs Edith Petit. The name Tintamar was derived from a virgin island in the Caribbean, reflecting the young vibe and dynamism if the brand.  
Tintamar embraces the creative philosophy of "intelligent daily bags". With this as guide, Tintamar designers aim to create original concepts, always looking after new material combinations, fresh colour and trendy styles, until they obtain the perfect balance between functionality and design. 

This brand didn't particularly catch my eye since there's nothing very special. 
Their lambskin pouches are really soft and comfy though. The latest studded collection adds a bit of punky attitude but other than that.. nothing much. 

Araldi roots were founded by the Pierpaolo family at the end of the 19th century producing high quality saddlery in Recanatia a small village near Ancona, Italy. The company continued to grow through the years, with each generation of the Pierpaoli family striving to uphold their tradition of high quality hand-made craftsmanship paired with a great attention to detail. 
Specializing in men's belts and small leather goods, Araldi also offers a range of shoes, bags and travel goods for the modern man who appreciates a touch of history. The brand philosophy is to integrate Italian artisan craftsmanship with the newest technology. The designs are exclusive and distinctive and reflect the careful balance between tradition and modernity. All products are made in Italy by master artisans in their historical production site in Vimercate. 

Choose your own belt design AND buckle. 
Yes you can now customize your own BELT. 
I think this is great news for all the super duper fashion metrosexual guys out there. If you want understated, you get understated chic. If you want to go all loud and bling, you can do that too. 
Your style, your game. Fun right?! 


Thank you Dylan and Publicist PR Consultants for the invite!


#02-28 Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road

Monday to Sunday: 
11:30am to 9pm.

For retail inquiries, please call (65) 68846128

Visit their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/GalleriaItaliana

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