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Feminine Germany

My very first OPI polish!! This is Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue from the brand new Germany Collection. 
Drop dead gorgeous colour!

I bought them at a bazaar, 2 for $18. Not too expensive considering the quality is really fantastic. 
I love the brush, it's very pliable and the width is just right. If you press down lightly on your nail, the brush fills up the entire nail width and the polish gets delivered right up to the edge of your cuticles. 

The formula is also not too watery or clumpy, which is great news because that makes for easy application. It applies like a dream, so smooth and silky. Now I know why so many people love OPI.

Oh and it's been 3 long days! NO CHIP YET. 
I love you OPI.  

I received some 3D Nail Seals awhile back, and I decided that there is no better time to try them out than now! Paired them with my blue polish for a really feminine look. 
The little faux diamonds upped the stakes and plenty of people asked if I had this done in a salon!
All DIY, which is mighty fun. 

So what do you think? 
There are more 3D Nail Seals in my drawer, so I'm trying it out with my other OPI polish soon.
Meanwhile, I'm going to just enjoy my shimmery deep blue nails. 


Came across my China Glaze Blue Hawaiian last night and decide to bling up my nails!
Twinkle twinkle little stars! 
It looks like a pretty starry night sky! Oh yeah! 

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