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Wise Words of Mad Hatter

A lot of people I know dislike Alice in Wonderland. 
The reason for it is becuause the Mad Hatter says things that they don't understand. 

I must agree with them, but I adore Alice in Wonderland. 
It's one of those English classics that looks like it's children's literature, but it's actually now. 
It's full of metaphors about life and it actually has a lot of depth. 
It's not something children will easily understand. I don't really understand it in the past, but the difference is now I've grown to understand and appreciate it more as I grow older. 

Lewis. M. Caroll wrote this book while he was suffering from an illness. 
He had a illness that causes him to see things in distorted sizes, which explains why there is a scene where Alice turned big and small while trying to get through the door. 

I think the author must have been in terrible pain when he wrote this book, so despite the fact that it's packaged like a child-friendly tale, it's actually a dark dark story about life's challenges. 

My favourite character is still the Mad Hatter, because he says such wise things. It's like he's able to look through your heart and know just exactly what you're thinking about. 
The things he says are so sharp, honest and piercing that it forces you to face the truth that you've been denying yourself for so long. The Mad Hatter makes me reflect about my own life and how I'm going to deal with it. I think that's a pretty healthy thing to do, though the truth might hurt initially. 

The truth always hurts.
But I supposed it's better to be hurt now than 40 years later when you are unable to rewind time and change for the better. 

For this, I thank the Mad Hatter. 


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