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Sunsilk Academy Fantasia: Top 7

Check out some of the performances at the Sunsilk Academy Fantasia auditions. There were so many awesome videos available on Youtube, it's pretty easy to just select one and view.

Was invited to the Sunsilk Academy Fantasia concert last Saturday, and since it's been quite some time I've listened to Chinese songs, I'm quite excited! Especially at this stage, we're already down to the final 7 contestants. The standard should be quite good right! I assume la lol..

It's held in Dragonfly @ St James Power Station. 
That whole area resembles a factory by the way. 

Like maternity tag HAHAHA okay I'm kidding too young and too sensible to get myself in this kinda pesky trouble anyway. Like amusement park tag okay lol..

The biggest mistakes we made, was to pick that date to watch the show. 
Turned out they were singing ENGLISH SONGS that day, the theme happened to be English Musicals. 

All of us were very much looking forward to listen to Chinese songs, oh well..

The standard of the contestants were so-so, in fact the 2 contestants who were ousted (rightfully so, IMHO), were the worst singers out of the total 7. 

Maybe English songs weren't their forte too, I don't know.

Nevertheless, there were some really powerful vocals that left us breathless and overflowing with emotions. I hope they make it all the way to the finals! 

Catch Sunsilk Academy Fantasia now on Starhub CH 111, every Saturday 9.30pm!

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