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GoodWood Park Mooncakes

Finally trying something different this year. 
A deviation from the usual lotus paste or green tea, custard flavours, we're going for a burst of flavour this year. Guess whattttt?


You heard me, this year the theme is FRUITS! 
The brochures from GoodWood Park were ultra tempting and I can't wait to taste the real thing!

From top left clockwise: Cempedak, Red Orange with Banana, D24 Durian, Mango with Pomelo

Cempedak is also known as JACKFRUIT. 

I love jackfruit too. 
Yes I realized I enjoy all the heaty fruits, bad idea.
But..this is Singapore! 
We have some of the most awesome heaty fruits in the region so why not enjoy them while I still can?

This is orange! I meant the colour. 
Admittedly not as striking a clour if you compare it to the rest of the mooncakes. No contrasting of colours but I spot lots of fibre and fruit cubes! Texture texture!

Made with rich creamy paste of the Cempedak fruit, this mooncake tastes very strongly of fresh Jackfruit. It's as if the entire seed of Jackfruit is stuffed into the mooncake. 

This was the mooncake featured on the brochure and the exact one that attracted me to try. 

This is slightly more solid than the Mango Pomelo one, partly because there are no mango cubes inside to weigh down the mooncake. 

It's made with red orange pulp and banana puree with added bits of banana for an added texture. 
I love the subtle flavour of banana and the puree was very very smooth. 

The red orange colour of the skin was also very striking! 
I love the contrasting colours of fiery red-orange and pale yellowish white. 

I wouldn't know how this tasted cuz the durian lovers polished off the whole thing without even asking if I would like to try one. They just assumed I didn't like durian. 

I don't adore durian. 
But I don't hate it either. 
It wouldn't hurt to try a slice. 

Not happy at all.

This mooncake is the perfect combination of my favourite fruit and my favourite dessert. 

Sheer heaven with every bite. 

Check out the finely pureed mango with chunky sweet mango cubes and pomelo sacs all wrapped in delicate white  translucent snow skin. 

Sweetness bursting into your mouth. The pureed mango was so so so fine and fruity, you know this mooncake is THE real deal. We polished this off within 5 minutes and I couldn't resist a second slice. 

Ratings: 4/5

Fruity goodness!

It's a very summery taste and distinctly Singapore style mooncakes. 
As much as I love the flavours, I appreiciate the innovation behind the fruits themed mooncakes more.
It's creative and delicious! Can I have more of the mango and pomelo pleaseeee? *_*

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