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Girls are NOT maids.

We know for a fact that, despite all the feminism shit going on and all that talk about gender equality, there is actually no such thing as gender equality. 

But you know what, I'm fine with that actually. 
Gender equality is not going to happen in the next 10 years because the inequality of the situation has been existing for more than a century. It's not going to go away just because the feminists activists go all rah-rah for their cause. Some things just won't change. 

I'm truly okay with that. Cuz hey, I still like it when guys offer to get the check sometimes, or open the car doors for me all that. Gender equality means all that is out of the question. 

What I'm not okay with, is that some guys think girls are the equivalent of maids. 
See picture below. 

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To set the record straight once and for all 


If you're looking for a maid, why not take the correct route and try THE MAID AGENCY. 
Even the Vietnamese brides businesses are fast depleting, because the business owners have also realized that these men who marry the Vietnamese girls are just looking for a free-for-life domestic helper. 

I once knew this person, who explicitly said that he will never marry a girl who doesn't know how to cook, wash, and clean. 
He has high standards. His "cook, wash, clean" can rival those kampong women who are literaly domestic goddesses. He's looking for a partner like that. Better yet, she can sew and darn torn clothing, don't mind quitting her job to stay at home to tend to children and elderly. 
Really. I'm not kidding. 

I understand that girls who know their way around the kitchen and household chores are most likely deemed as The Perfect Wife. A Domestic Goddess. Yes I do think that knowing life skills such as cooking and cleaning can be very handy and it does up a girl's "market value". 

But one SHOULDN'T make it a must-have criteria. It's so misogynistic and cave-man!

Even the maids have to go through a special training course to learn how to do proper housework and cooking. So what makes a guy think that every girl should be able to do the above and have to do everything when they're married? 

I don't mean by this that everyone should hire a maid to do their chores. All I meant was that, the chores and everything can actually be shared among the couple. There can always be a compromise. You are sharing a life, a flat. So why can't the same logic be applied to household chores?

Men have to work. So does women. 
Does it make sense that the men expect the women to come home after work, and goes on to cook clean wash and wait on the husband? We're all humans, so I think if you can feel tired, your wife will feel tired too. 

I stand by my views and I firmly believe 老婆是娶回家疼的.

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