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Gardens By The Bay

On the Dragonfly Bridge.

This is like the standard photo spot. 

There isn't too much of a crowd, just the way we like it. 
Good thing we went early, the crowd started to come in around late afternoon. By then, we're already done with our tour! Oh yeah!



Yes, I yelled out in delight when I entered the Dome and was met with such an amazing structure. 

The amount of mist generated from the man-made waterfall is just amazing. 
It definitely lives up to it's name of Cloud Dome. 
You really feel like you're walking in the clouds with all that mist swirling around.  

There are 7 storeys, we took the lift all the way up, and worked our way down slowly. 
Mad amazingggg experience! 

Saw many beautiful flowers in the two conservatories and we went into this giddy state of happiness upon seeing soooooooo many stunning flowers. 

The sweet, the innocent, the lively, the mysterious. 
Name it and you will most likely find it. 

Yellow = Sunshine!

This is rather unique. I have no idea what it's called actually. 

I have a penchant for the fluffy, the tiny and the flowers of sweet pale colours. 

Something special, looks like a cactus. 

This is the Manuka Flower. 
I went into transports of delight upon seeing them. 
They're so delicate and pink and so so soooo drop dead gorgeous! 
I also happen to love Manuka honey, I wonder if they're related HAHA! 

This is my favourite flower!! 
Because roses are just too mainstream heh. 
Nahh, I just really like daisies. The white colour is so pure, yet the spot of yellow adds a dash of liveliness and fun to the character of the flower. 

I have just this teeny problem of differentiating daisies and chamomile flowers. 
They look tooo similar! Someone please educate me on the difference between them. 

So delicate and sweet. 


We were practically squealing in delight at the sea of flowers. Drowning in the intoxicating scent and amazingggg colours. 

See what I mean about me having a soft spot for the more delicate looking flowers. 

I think this is damn cool. 
Sudden brainwave to record the places I've been in this manner. 
The foot in picture idea is not original, I've seen it used many times on Instagram but I haven't really tried it out. They call this kinda shots #fromwhereIstand 

But I specially chose this shot to keep track of my footprints because, the floor design is special! I think you can only see this in the Cloud Dome. Most places have leaves or animal prints, but this is lotus prints! Very cool. Okay I'm not entirely sure it's lotus prints, I just think they resemble lotus roots.  

Adding the wordings and date just livens up this shot. Very good idea indeed. I think I shall continue to record the special places I've been this way. 

Saw something really funny in the toilets. 
Someone, or whoever designs toilet signs, has finally came up with some cool new logos! 
I was pretty amused by them. 

Spot your toilet persona!! 
Which are you?! 
I think I prefer the sitting toilet hahaha! 

Yay we fulfilled our wish of visiting the conservatories together after our hellish five weeks. 
Celebration yo! 

Me: Sees spiraling staircase and ample sunlight, so what happens? 

Very nice, if I do say so myself hehh.. 

Shall end this post with a very iconic structure of Singapore. 
Definitely going back again to explore the gardens! 

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