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Carlo Rino F/W Preview

Today, I'm going to bring you to Bags Haven. 
Oh no I meant the Carlo Rino Showroom for an e-preview of their latest Fall/Winter Collection. 

Are you excited?! 
I hope you are, because I'm talking about BAGS. 

There are only 2 things a girl can't resist. 
Bags and shoes. 

So yes, please get very very excited because you're about to salivate at these gorgeous gorgeous bags. 
But first, we have to do a little introduction by way of meeting the loveliest ladies whom I met in the showroom. Please scroll down to meet them. 


They are cardboard cut-outs who are toting the latest bags. 
I know. 
Who am I kidding right?! 
My bag is half their size, a quarter of their price and it was last season. Or maybe the season before last.
I lost out to cardboard cut-outs. 

We shall soon enter into the realms of the Fall/Winter Collection, maybe by then I'll emerge a bigger winner than the two very fine ladies above. 


 Let's do a little short introduction here about the brand itself.
Established in 1986, Carlo Rino is a division of Bonia Group, the world’s leading brand in 
making high  fashion good and accessories from the finest materials. Synonymous with up- 
to-date trends, and innovative designs, Carlo Rino is a must go-to brand amongst young 
cosmopolitan ladies. Carlo Rino is now available in countries such as Singapore, Hong 
Kong, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia,Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia.

As one of the fastest growing brands, Carlo Rino is set to take the fashion scene to another 
level with its exciting and unique range of products that are classic, yet fashionable and 


Carlo Rino is going under a face lift to attract a younger demographic. 
Step 1 of their face lift process is to get rid of the old logo and design a new one.

Check out the new logo! 
I certainly like it more than the old logo. The new logo is very young and girlish.
 I think it's reaching out to the little girl in me. 

Step 2 of the face lift process includes some new campaign images!
The new images below are some of my personal favourites. 
Another one of my favourite campaign images comes from the SPRING/SUMMER'12 collection. 

I love the whole playful flirty girl concept. The robots are just so so sooo cute!
I'm such a sucker for cleverly designed and well-executed campaigns. They do leave behind a lasting impression. Even if nobody remembers exactly what your new products are, they will definitely remember a memorable advertisement and campaign. 



Before we take a closer look at the new collection, let's take a peek into the event itself!


Did you get a load of all the bags?!
There are so many designs and varieties from their new collection!

Lots of food to feed our hungry stomachs. 
The rd velvet cupcakes were delish! But I don't like the cream cheese frosting though. Brownies were super duper moist and chocolatey, so good! 

There are cute ladybug chocolates too! I think there's hazelnut cream inside, yum yum.. 

This is us posing with the very fashionable cardboard cut-outs!

We were kindly provided with these!!
Not sure what to do with them? Not to worry, please see demo below. 

Just grab the various cam-whoring tools to pose!
Let's try a demure pose..

And a crazy one!! 

Okay now we're finally going to take a look at the brand new fall/winter collection!

(Available September/October 2012)

I have a feeling the hot pink ones are going to receive a lot of love from the ladies. 
There are soooo many designs for this particular series, I got dizzy looking through the photos. 
Wait for it when it hits the stores, bet you will love it. There are wallets too! 


(Available October/November 2012)

This is quite classy. I personally like the top right hand corner one! 
The shape and size is so elegant and special. 
The bigger sized ones on the left side are quite suitable for OLs. Adds a dash of chic-ness to their office outfit. 

(Available October/November 2012)

The is the crowd favourite. At least among the younger girls. 
The satchel design is always a crowd pleaser, and I'm a sucker for brown bags and satchel designs! The prints are not overwhelming and the brown colour complements it. 

(Available November/December 2012)

A Tartan Tale boasts a wide variety of handbags and wallets, all of various sizes to suit every girl's needs. This is a more Christmassy design, very holiday mood! 

No more headache when it comes to Christmas presents! I think the wallets looks very festive as well, but it retains its functionality while looking pretty. 


I quite like some one of the designs in this series, and the overall plus point is that the designs are definitely very young, fresh and chic!

However, some of the bags are a little heavy! This is a common problem throughout the collection, certain designs are heavier. I like my bags to be lighter, since there will be added weight later when I dump my items inside. Nevertheless, this collection is pretty interesting mix of designs and colours. 

Thank you Carlo Rino and Access Comms for hosting us, special thanks to Ting and Que for the invitation! 


Carlo Rino is available in:

 Singapore! Changi Airport T2, #026-037, 

Jurong Point, #02-30

Northpoint, #01-11

All BHG, Isetan, Metro and OG Department Stores

TANGS Orchard Level 4


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