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Tang HK Gourmet

Invited to a food tasting session, this time we've having.. Hong Kong food!
Oh yeah!

Check out the menu

Photo Credit: LoveLivfe

The whole concept is that customers enjoy small portions but a wide variety of food at a more affordable rate. If you look at the price, it's actually about the same price if you eat a family meal at a zi char stall. The only difference is that for the same price, you can only order about 4 to 5 dishes at a zi char stall. Depending if you ordered the more expensive dishes like fish and seafood. But here at Tang's, you get to try 7 dishes.

How's that for a value meal huh, pocket friendly is always a good thing.
Let's check out the dishes yo!

Double Boiled Winter Melon Soup with Duck

This is pretty nourishing, I like the flavour of the broth. It's light, and the taste of the duck isn't too overpowering.  The winter melon has been cooked til soft, yet it's not too mushy. Melts in your mouth kinda texture. 

Tang's Special Spicy Silver Fish

This dish reminds me of Shilin Chicken!
It's a good appetizer or rather snack. But I find the chili power too overpowering and it's also not crispy enough. Can't really taste the fish, this is more miss than hits.
On the plus side, it doesn't taste oily.

HK Roast Duck

I was actually looking forward to this, but it didn't live up to my expectations.
The duck skin is roasted to a crisp texture, but the duck itself is pretty disappointing.
The duck meat could have been more tender, it lacked a certain springy juicy factor. However the plum sauce that accompanied this dish is superb. It goes really well with the duck. 

Steam Fish Head with Chilli and Garlic Sauce

This fish is super fresh!!!!
A tad spicy, all the chili padi are inside! But nevertheless, this is a dish well done. The whole zesty, tangy flavour really perked up your taste buds and whets your appetite. 

Tang's Coconut Milk Prawn

I am not a fan of coconut.
But I am a fan of prawns.
So coconut aside, this dish is one of my favourite dishes of the night.

The chef uses virgin coconut oil instead of coconut milk, special right!
I think his coconut oil must have been really good stuff, cuz the aroma and taste were overpowering. The prawns were coated in this layer of batter that resembles the KFC Popcorn chicken texture! Golden yellow, crispy and soooo good.

Oh but, one thing to note, it can get a wee bit salty. 

Braised Tofu with Mushrooms


I am biased maybe, because this dish is incorporated all of my favourite ingredients - vegetables, tofu and mushrooms!

More importantly, this dish is really well done. I think the sauce is oyster sauce, and the flavour is just right. Tofu so soft and silky, mushrooms are oh so awesome, vegetables are a good way to balance out the meal. 

Vinegar Pig Trotter 猪脚醋


Anything in a claypot attracts me. 
But lookie here, it's the legendary pregnant lady dish - Vinegar Pig Trotter!

Unfortunately, I love this dish. 
No I'm not a pregnant lady hah! 
But I do love this kinda old school traditional food items, they are just sooo good. 

This doesn't disappoint. 
We ordered some rice to go with this, the sauce is so marvelous I can eat a bowl of rice with just the gravy alone. The vinegar is so tempting and aromatic, the meat is succulent and flavourful. 
The egggggg I love the egg! 
Pour gravy on the egg yolk and slurp it up with rice, confirm you will float to egg heaven. 

Easily the number 1 dish of the night. 

Double Boil Papaya with White Fungi 

This one..eh a bit strange. 
It's cold, so it's kinda weird. Also, it's not very sweet. 
Better to visit Ah Chew if you want to try this dish, it's more authentic and yummy. 

Mango Sago 杨枝甘露

I don't know whether to describe this as creative or new style. 
Similarly, I prefer the one they serve at Ah Chew better. 
This is pureed mango and ice cream or something.. 
The taste itself is good, but it kinda deviates from the original 杨枝甘露. 

I still like the original 杨枝甘露 better. 

Having tried the dishes, I must say my favourites got to be the Vinegar Pigs Trotter, the Braised Tofu with Mushrooms.  The above two dishes are really well done and delicious. 

Overall, this is a good place for families to dine in. Set menu rates are offered if you eat in groups, so it's relatively cheaper. More importantly, you get to try a variety of dishes! 

Tang HK Gourmet
Address: 116 Neil Road, Singapore 088853
Tel: 64384762
Opens daily, 11:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Tang HK Gourmet 's Facebook Page:

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