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Shed The Locks

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People have often asked me how come I can bear to part with my hair.

No I don't mean I shave them off, though if I ever have the guts to do it one day, I would totally take part in Hair For Hope. At least I know my departed hair are in good hands.

What I actually meant, was simply cutting of hair.

I am probably one of the few rare specimens of girls left who feels fine snipping off the locks. I honestly feel fine. Some girls lapse into a one-week-depression, while some detest their new look and wished their hair would grow faster.

For me, I languish in the lightness of my entire head and delight in the refreshing new look. It's an exhilarating feeling, and you can't really understand how I feel unless you are like me too. 

There are no regrets, hair do grow after all. With the exception of bad hairdressers who destroyed your hair. That is definitely a cause of distress. You have reason to get mad. But if you have found a good stylist whom you can rely on to give good advice and fabulous cuts, why not? Why not just enjoy the new look while it lasts?

I know some people whom are so unwilling t part with their hair, that the only thing they are willing to trim is their fringe. Seriously?!

Nobody will believe me, but trust me anyway when I say, you got to trim your hair to make it grow faster.

Sounds like one of those agree to disagree moments huh..
Hair, is a living thing. They suffer wear and tear too. Around every three to six months, most people would have discovered split ends in their hair. When that happens, hair growth slows down or halts. If you trim them off and give them new life again, chances ate they're going to start growing again.
The conclusion? The more you refuse to cut, the more it wouldn't grow. So hoarding all that length really isn't helping your cause.

The other thing, is that everyone has a maximum hair length. It dictates how long your hair will grow, the maximum length that it can grow to be. So if you wonder why you've been stuck at lower back for 10years, chances are that's your maximum hair length. Another 10more years won't get you any further. Or rather, longer.

The wiser choice would be to snip it off and save your scalp from further strain.
Occasionally give your poor overworked scalp a good rest before you start growing out your locks.

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