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Review: SANA Eyeliner

Hello there!

Guess what guess what?! 
I'm going to be reviewing something today! 

Proudly introducing..


I joined the SANA product review program awhile back, where participants get to sign up to test some beauty items and write a review! In return, we get mailed a full-sized product. Not a bad deal, in my opinion. Eyed the selection of goodies and set my sights on this!!

It twists open like those old-school children crayons, very easy to use! 

As you can see, it's not called crayon for nothing. Check out the super thick pencil. 
The colour looks pretty good, so let's see how it shows up on skin!

Check out the swatches! I call it a "swipe" because it's really a swipe! 
It goes on like a crayon, very smooth and simple to apply. I love the subtle shimmer

It's waterproof but not smudge proof. 
But that's okay, because the shimmer makes it look like you have eye shadow on too! Just swipe and smudge on your lids. Voila~~natural looking eye liner!
How handy is that man.. 

Brown eyeliner is a very good colour for daytime use, because it's much more subtle than black. 
At the same time, it does what an eyeliner is supposed to do, which is define your eyes and make them look bigger. 

It also lives up to its name of "Super Quick", took me less than 5 minutes for each eye and I'm good to go!. It'll take me twice the time if I'm using my gel liner. 

The verdict: 

Not a bad beauty product to have around the house, I love the colour and easy application. 
Very time-saving and handy!
Worth a try if you're looking for a brown liner like me! 

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