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Japanese Curry Rice

Do you love the curry rice~ the curry rice~ the curry rice~
Do you love the curry rice~~~
Eat them all day longgggg


Love those packets of curry cubes that they sell at NTUC, it makes for a quick and delicious lunch!
Loads of ingredients inside, you can add whatever you like actually. 

I used to love curry rice so much that this is the only thing I will order when the family goes to Japanese restaurants. The only reason I look at the menu is to choose between the Ebi Curry or the Tonkatsu Curry set. HAHA! Totally curry junkie back then, now I do try different dishes as opposed to just ordering the same thing all the time. 

I like it best when Mum adds in green apples cubes! So crunchy and refreshing. 
Curry curry curry. Reminds me of Ginza Bairin's Curry Tonkatsu, I love a good curry! 

Gonna feature our tradional chicken curry soon! 
First, I need to beg my mum to make that dish haha! 

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