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Is It Okay to Hate Mynas?

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This post is inspired by this article I read on Thought Catalog.

I really really really abhor mynas. There are just so many of them in my neighbourhood and all they do is squawk and squawk and squawk. 

I really think my hate for mynas is perfectly justifiable. 
Let me tell you why.

1. They Eat In Coffeshops

Have you seen these birds in the coffeeshops, pecking away at half empty bowls?

It's mad unhygienic and super disgusting! These birds have long since forgotten their fear of humans. They will continue to feast as long as there is a scrap of food left.

Even though the hawkers wash the bowls and cutleries, I am technically sharing the same bowl as the myna!

2. They Squawk Outside Your Window

They do. In the morning at 5 or 6am, they land outside your window ledge in twos and threes. They then proceed to squabble with their fellow myna friends at the crack of dawn.

Then at 5pm when you're taking a nap because the stupid birds woke you up in the morning, they start squawking again!

3. They Make Nests in HDB Roofs 

If you need proof, please refer to this article here 
Making nests in roofs is unpardonable! This explains for the extremely high noise level in the early morning and evenings! They wake up and land in nearby trees, squawk non-stop and sometimes gets into birdy squabbles with their birdy counterparts!!!

 Can you imagine the immense noise level when that happens? 
It's sheer madness. 

Now you know why I abhor mynas. 
On hindsight, now that I've listed out my reasons for hating them, I think it is actually alright for me to dislike mynas. 

So yes, to answer the title of this post..

It is okay to hate mynas!

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