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P.S Cafe

Lazy afternoon date on a Friday, after a roundabout bus trip lol, we managed to reach Ann Siang Rd in one piece. 

Loads of pretty shop houses, the vintage floral tiles are all preserved. 

Saw the Screening Room!
Heard it's some cool concept movie watching experience. 

Trekked to P.S Cafe for some food. The whole ambience is so awesome. 
Super relax and chill. 

Looking very posh inside! 

This is the second floor, the first level is the bar area. 

Ordered the Shoestring Truffle Fries with Grated Parmesan & Parsley Tossed in Truffle Oil ($15) to share. 

I honestly thought the grated parmesan were garlic, it didn't taste like cheese for one. 
The fries were all deep-fried to a golden brown and the sea salt is pretty good. But once it cools, the truffle oil can feel kinda icky when consumed, not a very nice feeling. 

Honestly, I have no idea why reviews said this is a must-try dish. 
This is mediocre at best, and defnitely overpriced. 
Granted that it's a huge pile of fries, but honestly who can consume so much fries?! 

Croque Monsieur

Shaved Ardenne Smoked Ham with Gratineed Montreux Gruyere Cheese on Rustic Bread

Honestly, this is rather good. 
The salad is lightly seasoned with vinegar dressing, and bread is toasted to a crisp. The ham also tastes divine. 

We had to cancel our dessert order because we were absolutely stuffed!
The food portions were hugeeeee and even sharing between us is too much. Blame the fries lol. 

What can I say, my verdict is that I love the ambience of this place. If I ever come back, I'll prolly just order the dessert, they're also gigantic by the way, and just sit back relax. 

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