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I went digging around in my photo album and saw these long overdue food photos rotting in the folders!

Checked my blog history and realized I didn't blog about them oh my god 

So here I am sitting in my oven of a room editing photos and plastering watermarks, not to mention droolinggggg as I edit! 

Presenting to you..


Located in an obscure section of Orchard Central, Ootoya is an authentic Japanese restaurant that offers you the most delicious Japanese cuisine in a homely and warm environment. 

I say obscure because I got lost while trying to find that place lol. 
The lifts in Orchard Central are marvelous, like some semi transparent glass elevators from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory except it doesn't send you to space. Say for example there are 4 lifts, 2 of them go to even levels while the other 2 sends you to odd levels. Something along that line. 

I took the wrong one obviously and ended up walking up and down the escalators. 
But once you find the restaurant, you will forget about how you got lost just now. 
It's amazing. I forgot to take photos of the interior boo hooo.. 

It't tatami style so awesome, except my jeans aren't very stretchable so sitting cross-legged throughout kinda cramps up my legs. 

Okay okay so we ordered our food and it was mind-blowing good. 
"We" being the mighty girl warriors who braved THE company's big and bigger storms together. 

Every set meal comes with this!!!!
This is truly orgasmic pumpkin. 
I think it was seasoned with miso and Japanese soy sauce, the pumpkin was sooooo soft it literally melts in your mouth. The flavours spread over your tongue and leaves you begging for more. 
The pumpkin is so sweet, and the seasoning just brought out the natural sweetness of the pumpkin, totally brings it to a whole new level. 


This is Xena the Warrior #1's order. 
She said it tasted very good. 
In fact, she recommended this place for our long-awaited meet-up!

Katsujyu for Xena the Warrior #2

This is similar to the one above, but served with pork instead.
Actually I just love the runny egg and onions! 

Charcoal Grilled Chicken Salad with Basil Sauce for ME. 

I like this!
Why soooo delicious... 
The charcoal grilled flavours burst into your mouth, and the basil sauce is very refreshing. 
Loads of veggie and there's sliced hard boiled egg too!
Salivating as I type this nowwwww.. 

Warrior #1 ordered Anitsu Matcha for dessert, it's a green tea ice cream with red beans and jelly cubes. 
Some sweet sauce or something to drizzle all over the the dessert before you tuck in. 

Looking forward to our next Warriors gathering, soon soon!!

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