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Meitantei no Okite

This show is damn hilarious!
Adapted from novels of the same author who wrote Galileo and Ryusei no Kizuna, Meitante no Okite is packed with loads of mystery cases and well-timed humor. 

Meitante no Okita is actually kinda sarcastic, taking a jab at the common stereotypes and cliches that often surface in this genre of mystery crime solving stories, such as locked room murders and lullaby murders. 

Of course there's an incentive to watching this show because Matsuda Shota is in it!

Check out this gif I saw while randomly scrolling on Tumblr. 
Cue Tenkaichi Daigoro, the clever, well-rounded, handsome and amazing great detective. 

He always says this when he appears hahah, damn amusing!

The cool thing about this drama is that the characters are aware of their roles in the story. Or should I say, the cliches that often appears in crime solving shows? 

So if one of the character displays an action that does not adhere to the appointed cliche, such as the female lead will fall in love with the male lead, then they will be brought into this weird small room. 
This weird small room is only for characters who clearly knows what their duties are. They are also brought in so the other characters can give them a wake-up call, so that they adhere to the cliched rules of the drama. It's kinda amusing and refreshing to see something different being presented on screen. 

I need to spam his photos because he is just too cute haha!

Forever pouting hahaha, but he is always easily satisfied when he gets to eat the cute bear biscuit, or when he gets to drink tomato juice! 

The drama always ends with a happy picture of the three of them.
The last episode is kinda surprising, but also damn hilarious and nonsensical. 

I guess we all need a little dose of comedy in life now and then! 

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