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La Vie En Rose

Brought Miss A along, R won the wildcard ticket and the three of us had a blast at the party!

The theme was RED LIPS


We were supposed to dress in something that can complement the red lips!

I transformed my one and only LBD with a meshed top and a belt! 
Seems like nobody recognized the dress from a previous event! HAHA! 

The representative from Mary Chia speaking to us about the programmes lined up for us.

We can enjoy express manicure sessions, a shoulder massage and try out the BMI machine. 
Sounds pretty cool. 

This is the BMI machine. 
Some people are afraid of this, because it tells you your body FAT PERCENTAGE! 

I bravely stood on it, time to face the music lol. 
This machine tells me what I already know, I'm still underweight haha! 
Despite the exercise I'm doing, still having water retention hahahah joke.. 

Okay time to up the exercise frequency~ 
In case you're wondering, yes my fat percentage is in perfect order. Healthy range haha!  

My express manicure. 
Nail polish courtesy of The Cambelles

I did a more detailed post on this colour, you can read it here

Tocco Tenero and Crocs are participating sponsors so there are products there for us to try out and spam a ton of pictures. 

The Spring/Summer Collection of bags from Tocco Tenero are really bright. I guess my favourite would be the hot pink leather and velvet textured bucket bag! Such a joyful colour. 
Women always love bags, need I say more?!

Knotting Hills is also a sponsor for the event, so they brought along several maxi dresses for the girls to try on and hopefully, pre-order. 

I just have to say, these are meant for tall girls or girls wearing 6 inch heels. 

Shorties like me hang out at the back gobbling the mini cupcakes! HAHA! 

Very pretty right!!! 

I think these cupcakes are awesome, It's my first time eating cupcakes because I prefer muffins. 
I used to think cupcakes are pretentious baked goods hiding underneath a thick layer of sugar icing or icky buttercream. 

But this is so tiny, you can eat as many as you want without feeling queasy. The cake is also soft and moist, the cream is not too sweet. By the way it's flavoured cream! So you won't feel like you're just eating whipped cream. I personally love the yellow ones, they're mango flavoured! Tastes soooo good. The chocolates cups are good stuff too, all that hazelnut goodness flooding into my mouth. I'm drooling even as I write this!! 

The lovely girls from The Cambelles prepared a feature wall for phototaking, and loads of cutesy props for us to play around with. 

However something uneventful happened. 

R's dress caught fire HAHAHA! 
So mean to laugh but it was kinda hilarious after the fire got put out. But then hot wax spilled onto her feet and she had to sit on the toilet bowl while having cooling mask applied on the wound. 

So yes, enjoying a drink with a holey dress and injured feet on the toilet bowl. 
VIP treatment indeed. 

 The lady from Tocco Tenero is announcing the lucky draw grand prize..

Guess who won?!

It's Miss A! No not the Korean pop girl group. 
Very niceee, obviously you have the Tai-Tai-Ladies-Who-Brunch demeanor, hahah and now you are a certified tai tai! *stamp of approval*

This is the Little JamJar notebook that I won! 

After that we fooled around with the props and took photos at the feature wall!

We were given free rein to play around with the props, then we each took a polaroid shot for lucky draw use. Pretty innovative huh! 

Say hello to Harry Potter us! 

Let's take a look at the goodie bag we were given!

Tocco Tenero catalog, some vouchers from the sponsors and some products. 

Sticky candy, a red lip crayon and Enavose UV Umbrella Mist. 

Laneige pulled out of the sponsorship due to some reasons, but they still gave us the samples! 

*goes a little insane*

I've been wanting to try this out for agesssss but Laneige is just sooo expensive! 
Now I get to try them out hehh.. 
Hip hip hurray! 

An awesome awesome day indeed. 
Gonna try out the products soon, I have high hopes for Laneige! 

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