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Kueh Kueh

Pardon the weird title, I have no idea what to name this post honestly lol. 
But actually on hindsight, kueh kueh is not a very weird name also if you read it in a Hokkien accent hahaha! 

Had these awesome snacks from Bengawan Solo sometime back, it was sooooooo good!

Kueh Kosui!
Ultimate sugar high, brown sugar ftw!
The desiccated coconut also adds a nice touch to the kueh. 
Chinatown has the most awesome Kueh Kosui too, they also have the yellow version, not sure what it's called though.. 

I love odneh odneh!
Especially green odneh odneh with liquid brown sugar inside. When you bite into it and the liquidated brown sugar just bursts into mouth, totally shiokkkkk ah! 

Too bad the Bengawan Solo people seemed to have cut costs and decreased the amount of brown sugar used, it felt like there was much less liquidated brown sugar bursting into my mouth now. 

Craving for some good old fashion odneh odneh now, one of the best snacks ever. 

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