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Jam Pinwheels


The ingredients were pretty simple, this recipe is from my precious
The Golden Book of Cookies. 

I bought them from Page One, you can check out the link here for the book cover. 
This recipe book is akin to my secret manual, they have all the best cookie recipes inside, difficulty level all graded and categorized according to the different types of cookies. 
The best thing about this book is that every recipe comes with a glorious colour picture!
Not every recipe book does that, and it always pisses me off that I can't see how the end product looks like. The whole point of a colour recipe book is for you to drool visually then feel motivated enough to make the picture come alive. 

You don't necessarily have to get it from Page One, it's available at Kinokuniya too. 
Best recipe book ever, apart from cookies, they also have the cakes and chocolates version.

Made these from scratch, they were so tricky to make!!
This is actually my second time making them, the first time I failed miserably!!! 
So disheartened, but I will never give up!
Good thing my perseverance paid off, these were pretty yummy. 
Though I still prefer Drop Cookies to Filled Cookies. 

The only thing special about this cookie is that you need almond powder. 
I simply grounded chopped almonds with my food processor because powdered almond is just so impossibly difficult to find in supermarkets! 

Kneading the dough is also sickeningly tiring, took me hours to get it all done. 
Even though it says in the recipe that you need 1/2 cup of jam, please do not believe them. 
1/2 cup is still too much for me, especially since you gotta roll them up and the excess jam just gets squished out and dyes your entire roll purple. Not very pretty. 
I estimate 1/3 cup is about enough for a 25x35cm dough, leave the edges jam-free cuz the jam in the middle will get squished out when you roll it up. 

Basically, you improvise on the spot as you go along. 
There is no perfect recipe because every baker/chef has different ways of interpreting it. 

Bake til the edges are brown, around 12 minutes. 

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