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Food Tasting: Fish and Co

Yay food tasting session!
Many thanks to Ruiting for introducing me to my first ever food tasting session! 

Introducing the all-new student menu


There are 8 types of dishes to choose from, mainly:
  1. Original Fish and Chips 
  2. Japanese Fish and Chips
  3. Italian Fish and Chips
  4. Artic Fish and Chips
  5. Singapore Fish and Chips
  6. New York Fish and Chips
  7. Danish Fish and Chips
  8. Swiss Fish and Chips

The meals come together with a free beverage, choices include sprite, coke, passionfruit, iced tea and kola tonic. They're available on weekdays until 6pm, limited to 1 meal per student. Present your student card to enjoy this lovely deal! Not available on weekends, eves and public holidays. 

The interior of the glasshouse is actually quite pretty.

Some sort of a lounge area with the PS Vita for children to play while the parents eat. 

They have an iPad ordering system, it's a cool concept although I can't say its a new concept. Genki Sushi, Sakae Sushi have been using this for awhile and I find it pretty convenient. 

My passionfruit drink. 
It tasted like passionfruit syrup mixed with sprite, a little zesty a little sweet. If I had a choice, I would just drink warm water because I don't really take to cold and gassy drinks. But this is still acceptable for a few sips. Nothing to write home about, but it did help to cleanse the palate a little before we continue our fish and chips rampage. 

I'm sure everyone has tasted the original flavour, the fish is smooth and the fries are well-flavoured. 

The lemon butter sauce on the fish is good as usual, and we got to try out the seperate garlic butter sauce too. Now that is definitely a keeper! Garlic!!!

Except it might get a bit too much if you continuously dip in, gets a little queasy after awhile. It's awesome in small doses, and it is advisable to to have the lemon slice on hand because the tangy taste of lemon can take away abit of that jelat feeling. 

I got cheated by the photo on the menu HAHA! 
It looked so damn good I thought it would be awesome!
I mean, the fish is still yummy as usual except that the soba sauce really killed the whole dish. The seaweed doesn't blend at all. Weird marriage of ingredients again. 
If you order this, just dip the lemon butter sauce, forget about the soba sauce. It doesn't even taste like authentic soba sauce too. 

There were chilli flakes and mozzarella cheese stuffed into the fish & chips, it's topped with homemade tomato sauce. I didn't really like this. The tomato is a little weird. Take away the tomato sauce, the fish itself is still pretty good. The mozzarella cheese stuffed into the fillet really takes the dish to a whole new level. Overall, it's an alright dish, I think the tomato sauce is also an acquired taste. Tomato lovers will probably enjoy this dish! It has a hint of Italy haha.. 

The Artic Fish and Chips uses Pollock so it's something different from the other fish. 
Personally, I think Pollock is pretty good. The texture is not as smooth and slick, and the meat is slightly more firm as compared to the fillet used in other dishes. But I think it's pretty good, possibly I can say it's an acquired taste and maybe only hardcore fish lovers will love this fish. 

I also wonder if another cooking method might be more suitable because Pollock has a slightly firmer texture, and the deep fried batter is not doing it any favors. I feel it couldn't really complement the fish, maybe grilling or baking it would be better. 

This is strangely reminiscent of home! HAHA!
Must be the homemade chilli crab sauce that they paired with the fish fillet! 
Some people find this weird, but I think it's pretty cool. Worth a try, except it's actually quite spicy. Spiciness aside, it's pretty innovative. Have some water on hand to quench the spiciness, in case you can't quite take it. 

New York Fish and Chips is for hardcore cheese lovers, no doubt!
The fillet is stuffed with generous portions of parmesan cheese then topped with the classic lovely lemon butter sauce. 

I'm not that hardcore a cheese lover, so I find this a bit jelat after awhile. 
But I definitely recommend this for all cheese-lovers! 
It's pretty kickass if you loveeeeeee cheese. 

Danish Fish and Chips sees fillet stuffed with stringy mozzarella and spice and topped with lemon butter sauce. 


Maybe it's because of the mozzarella, the fillet is soooooooooooooooo smooth and silky. It's a dream come true. Cannot begin to describe how yummy this fish is, you just need to know that this is a MUST-TRY!  

The Swiss Fish and Chips comes complete with stuffed fillet in crispy batter and garlic lemon butter sauce. What are the stuffings you ask? It is none other than gruyere cheese!
I am not a cheese connoisseur, so the only difference I can taste between this gryuyere cheese and  mozzarella  cheese is that  mozzarella  is smoother. I prefer mozzarella. 

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this dish! This is a good example of a good marriage of ingredients. 
I feel that the cheese managed to heightened the freshness of the fish and it's soooo smooth. 
Definitely a must-try! 

Our fish and chips rampage. 
Too much fried food might be the reason why I had to pop digestion pills after I reached home. 
This is the first time I actually ate 8 types of fish and chips at one go HAHA! 
Definitely an experience. 

Warm chocolate cake topped with hot fudge and icy cold vanilla ice cream. Sublime!
Totally love this dessert, a quick fix for those sudden dessert craving. The chocolate cake goes hand in hand with the vanilla ice cream and creates this wonderful taste in your mouth. 
Good stuff. If you happen to dine at Fish and Co, I would definitely recommend this for a quick chocolate fix. 

This is fighting for first place with the above-mentioned chocolate cake. 
I really can't decide which one I like more, because these are two completely different flavours. 
I've always been fascinated with key lime pie and there are not many places that serve this dessert.

 The key lime pie is a refreshing lime custard with classic graham crust and lime juice flavoured whipped cream. Not everyone love lime, but fortunately, I do! 
The tangy taste of lime is refreshing and totally cleanses the palate, and most importantly it's able to take away the queasiness that comes from consuming too much fried food. 

If I really had to choose between the chocolate cake or key lime pie, I think I would pick the key lime pie!
The chocolate cake is good for a quick fix but as a dessert after an oily meal, the key lime pie would definitely be a much better choice! 

This looks really good. 
But please don't be deceived by the appearance of moist chocolate cake and all that caramel mousse. 


Something is very strange with this cake, because all of us tasted something herbal in the cake. 
Now, I adore all herbal soups but I'm sorry that in this case, herbs and cakes are NOT meant to be together. Wrong marriage of ingredients, Mr Chef. Kindly divorce this weird couple and find them new partners, else this cake is fated to be a failure. It is really a pity because the chocolate is really rich and it really has the potential to be an awesome mousse cake. 

This is your standard New York cheesecake but with the added bling of having pureed fresh strawberries mixed into the cream cheese. 

Hmm..let's just say I have eaten better cheese cakes. I can't say it's not nice, but at the same time it's not superbly yummy. This is not particularly special, even with the strawberries trying to add some bonus points. In fact when I first saw it, I was reminded of the old-school Sara Lee frozen cake that NTUC sells. It even tasted something like Sara Lee frozen cake, and I can't overlook the fact that the crust and the marble swirling also resembles the Sara Lee strawberry frozen cake. 

Taste wise, it's a little on the dry side, but the plus points is that it's not overtly sweet. 

After we stuffed our faces full, let's do a conclusion!
We'll hand out some awards to the dishes hehh hehh.. 

Visit Fish and Co at the following branches now!

What are you still waiting for?!
Go grab your student meal now!

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