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Strawberry Night

11 episodes of thrilling mystery cases, easygoing camaraderie among team members and the resilience and vulnerability of human nature. 

Strawberry Night is adapted from a bestselling Japanese novel featuring thrilling murder cases. It's being filmed into Special Episode which aired in 2010, and then an 11 episode drama series that aired during winter season this year.  

See above for the main cast of Strawberry Night. 

I love the music from the drama, especially the two songs below. 

GReeeeN - Misenai Namida Wa, Kitto Itsuka 
(The Tears I Can’t Show, Surely Someday)

Check out the rest of the Strawberry Night OST here, I LOVE the music. Best thing about Jdramas, is that they have aptly chosen OST that tugs at your heartstrings. 

There are a couple more, just key in Strawberry Night OST on Youtube and you'll be able to find them. 


Love this character alot. Behind the resilience and that intelligent mind, lies a certain child-like quality about her that makes it all the more endearing. The underdog syndrome that she is the only woman supervisor in the First Investigative Department also appeals to the mass public. 


In Himekawa's team of faithful subordinates, Kikuta seems to be the most senior ranking officer. 

He's one of the most intelligent officer on the team, and well, he nurses a crush on Himekawa as well. 

I like the whole team. They're a jovial, hardworking bunch who truly believed in Himekawa's leadership, despite her being a women in a 90% male workforce.

Forever getting punched. 

“ Walk me home.” - Himekawa Reiko

Himekawa often tells Kikuta to walk her home, I wonder if it's because of her childhood traumatic experience or she felt something for Kikuta too. Because honestly, the buildup between the two of them was pretty intense in a there's-something-but-maybe-not kinda way. 


Himekawa testing out a theory on an unsuspecting Yuda, and get a load of Kikuta's expression hahaha!
Jealous much! 

This is in the Special Episode. 
Hehhh something is blooming already huh... 

Someone should just go create a Season 2 or something because the cases are so awesome, and also because I need to see the two of them get together. 

Himekawa receives a call that her mother is in hospital, and she comes homes feeling terrible.
Kikuta is waiting for her, despite him not knowing what happened. 

“ おかえり   - Kikuta

Best line ever. 
All that's needed to bring out the whole atmosphere and articulate the feelings involved. 


I'm a sucker for these scenes in Jdramas. Emotional scenes such as these seem to be pretty rare in Jadramas, so it's always so heartwarming to see them. 
Reiko and Kikuta are soooo adorable together that honestly, I've been waiting for this since episode 2. 

How long do you think we’ve been (working) together for? I can easily predict your every move.” - Kikuta

Besides the above-mentioned one. 

Shall end the post with this memorable quote:

No matter what kind of mistake you make, you can start over. I believe people have the strength do to so.
 Himekawa Reiko

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